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Amber Portwood’s not going to be famous anymore. Good riddance.


Well, since she asked the judge to sentence her to jail, I guess we can’t really be surprised that’s where she’s headed, right?

Honestly there’s no a lot left of this story. She chose drugs and jail over rehab and watching her daughter grow up for the next five years, and now she’s getting just that.

Amber’s lawyer asked the judge for leniency in the sentencing, but the judge basically said ‘fuck no’ and reinstated Amber’s original five-year sentence. She’ll receive credit for time already served, but basically, that’s it. She’s not famous anymore.

Think about it. She’s going into jail in a time where people know who she is. They don’t like her, because she’s an awful person, but she’s famous. She’s not getting out in the near future, and I’m sure in five years the Teen Mom craze will be long dead. Essentially, what this means is that from this very moment, we never have to talk about Miss Amber Portwood again, because she’s no longer a famous person. I just wonder if Amber realises that. Point is, no one has to care.

Now, we just have to get Jenelle to do the same and everything will be right in the world.

So what do you have to say about that, then?

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