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The Spice Girls might be able to stop hating each other for approximately 5 minutes.

Remember how the Spice Girls reunited back in ’07 and were planning to go on a huge, much-hyped world tour before they realised that they all still hated each other and cancelled that shit?

Well, this time around (HANSON REFERENCE! Yeah, that’s right, my mind goes to Hanson before it does Michael Jackson.) they’re only reuniting for one night, so hopefully they’ll be able to avoid clawing each other’s eyes out for the entirety of their still-very-secret Queen’s Diamond Jubilee performance on June 4th.

Mel B let the plans slip on some Australian TV interview that I certainly haven’t seen. They were asking her about the rumour that the Spice Girls would reunite for the Olympics, and she said:

Ooh, I think the Queen’s Jubilee concert is the event I’d be looking at more closely for that to happen.

And then apparently said backstage:

I am going to be in such strife for saying that. It’s all so totally bloody top-secret still.

So we’ll see how that plays out, but for now, here’s the video for This Time Around, by Hanson.

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