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Ugh. Why, Katy?


So I get it. I get that there’s nothing Katy loves more than being that cute pop star with all the cupcakes and fairy floss and Hello Kitty and all the things that are sweet and good in this world. That’s her thing, and good for her. She makes some kick-ass pop songs, and you can’t blame a pop star for wanting something that differentiates them from the rest of the pop tarts.

But. (There’s always a but.) sometimes celebrities do things that should be tiny, insignificant details to a larger story, but instead they irk me so badly that it’s all I can think about, and that’s what’s happened here.

Okay, so Katy and Russell have settled their divorce, and it will become official in July of this year. They deserve a reward for the fastest divorce proceedings ever, especially considering that they didn’t have a pre-nup. Russell was a gentleman and didn’t ask for his half of Katy’s 40 million dollar earnings. That’s my boy. I would’ve been like ‘fuck that slut, I’ma take your cash, bitch!’ because I’m classy like that.

Anyway, the papers are all signed and everything, and Katy Perry decided she was so happy about it that she drew a little smiley face next to her signature. On her divorce papers.

Who the fuck does that? She’s not eleven years old. It wasn’t a drunk Vegas wedding (Brit Brit, I’m looking at you… and Nicky Hilton. Remember that?). So I don’t get it. I feel as though she knew that it would be talked about and thought it would make her come off as likeable and cute, but it makes me want to punch her in the face because it’s a load of shit.

Firstly, there’s a time and a place for smiley faces. Mainly, that time is back in 1999, but I’ll also accept text messages between friends, and MSN conversations.

As a sidenote to this rant, you see this backpack Willow was rocking in Buffy? I totally had one when I was like, 10. I got it from the Royal Show, and I loved it.

It just feels like Katy wants nothing more than to project this image of being fun and sweet and cute 24/7, when in reality, she’s a grown woman going through a divorce. And quite the fucking diva. Even though this is super old, let’s go over her demands while on tour again, shall we?



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  1. Emily #

    I hate it when drivers ‘stair’ at me.

    February 10, 2012
  2. Shut up. She has amazing tits.

    Also, I’m always a bit iffy on people criticising riders. The artist and record company foots the bill for the rider, so they can go fill their boots.

    Stuff like ‘NO CARNATIONS’ would also almost definitely be Katy Perry at one point saying to an assistant ‘Ooh, carnations make me sneeze.’ or some shit like that and that cemented it to forever being bold and underlined.

    February 13, 2012

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