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Don’t hold your breath, but it looks as though LiLo may actually be done with her formal probation…


LiLo has her final probation hearing on Thursday, and if she can manage to keep out of trouble until then, the judge will terminate her probation from her DUI and change her probation for the necklace incident from formal to informal, which will mean that the Lindsay Lohan in court fashion show will be over. Let’s take a moment to process that.

She’s been pretty quiet since she hit that guy with her car last week, so she’s doing okay so far, and apparently her probation officer says that because no charges have been filed and Lindsay hasn’t been arrested for it, that it’s not going to affect her final probation hearing.

She still has to go to her final counselling session and complete her final day of community service, but since she’s been getting rave reviews at the morgue, I’m sure she’ll be fine. On the other hand, two days is a long time in Hollywood, so anything could happen. I’m not about to hold my breath, but I have my fingers crossed for her.

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  1. Bitch Is back on track!!!!!!! Finally!

    March 27, 2012
    • … Maybe, haha. I’ve thought this before and turned out to be oh-so-wrong. I want good things for her, but I’m gonna wait and see what happens, haha.

      March 28, 2012

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