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Do you guys remember Lisa Robin Kelly from That 70’s Show? Even if you don’t you should read this anyway.


So, before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about my weekend. I trainwrecked out and fractured my elbow in the process, so if I’m not posting every two seconds over the next few weeks it’s because it fucking hurts. That being said, if I post more often it’s because these pain killers are rad and I’m not allowed to work for two weeks. Also, I’ve found an entirely new purpose for my extensive scarf collection. A fractured elbow is no reason to not be glamourous. But enough about me, we’re here for a different trainwreck today.

I don’t know how many of you were fans of That 70’s Show back in the day, but I loved it, and I loved Laurie, the bitchy older sister. As an older sister, I could relate, you know? Except I’m not a whore, my dad favours my brother, and I’ve never banged any of my brother’s friends. Probably because my brother’s not friends with Ashton Kutcher or Danny Masterson. Anyway, after a couple of seasons, Laurie disappeared, returned a few seasons later for a couple of episodes, and then Lisa Robin Kelly was fired and replaced by Christina Moore, who sucked. Why was she fired, you ask? I don’t know for sure but drugs is the rumour that everyone generally accepts as fact.

After that she basically disappeared, as in, she’s literally had one role since being fired from That 70’s Show, until she was busted drink driving in North Carolina in 2010:

She pled guilty, spent the day in jail, paid $143 in court costs, and was placed on unsupervised probation (like Lindsay is now) for a year. Everyone forgot about her again.

Until yesterday, when she was arrested in LA. Not for drunk driving, but for spousal abuse.

So if you’ve ever wondered what happened to her, she’s currently being held in the slammer in LA on $50, 000 bail on the felony charge of corporal injury to a spouse, which is just fancy court talk for ‘she Chris Browned her hubby because she’s a crackhead.’

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  1. Lol #

    Lol this chick is a hot mess!!

    March 3, 2013

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