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PCP’s Favourite – Teen chick flicks, featuring a big chunk of Kirsten Dunst’s resume.


It’s time for another edition of PCP’s Favourite, where I countdown my favourite whatever-it-may-be. Today we’re counting down teen chick flicks, and because I’m 26, most of them have Kirsten Dunst in them because she was my teen queen. Are you ready? Let’s get to it.


15 Legally Blonde



I love Reese Witherspoon in comedic roles, and she’s pretty amazing in this. When you add to that the fact that fluffy pens and heart shaped notepads were my tweenhood because of Clueless, you can see why there was no way I was going to hate this. Also, Victor Garber is in it, and I have a soft spot for him because yes, you guessed it, he’s in Titanic.

I’m sorry I didn’t build you a stronger ship, young Rose.

What a guy.


14 Jawbreaker



Ahh, there are so many things that I adore about this movie. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a bit shit, and I know that. But I fucking love it, and right now I’m going to run through all the reasons I love it.

Rose McGowan. I love the shit out of Rose, but when this movie came out, I was basically obsessed with her. I wanted to be her. Add to that Darla from Buffy (Julie Benz), whatsherface from Urban Legend (Rebecca Gayheart, before she killed someone in real life.) AND Judy Greer who has since gone on to guest on two of my favourite TV Shows, Arrested Development (as Kitty) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (as Fatty McGoo) and there’s no way this movie wasn’t making my all-time favourites.

Aside from that, this movie has some shitmazing quotables such as:

It’s got an amazing soundtrack:


I could do a whole other post about all the shit that I love from that video clip, but I’m going to try to stay somewhat on track here.

Yellow-tinted sunglasses. I definitely had some when I was 14.

I love that Marilyn Manson has a cameo in it just so he can fuck his then real-life girlfriend Rose on screen. Also, I loved them as a couple.


13 New York Minute


I love the Olsen twins and I’ve seen more of their films than I should probably admit to. Like, nearly all of them.


This film is so insanely tween-cheese fun that I don’t even have words for it, but it makes me laugh.


12 Josie and the Pussycats



I’ve never been the hugest fan of Rachael Leigh Cook or Rosario Dawson, but they’re pretty perfectly cast in this film. I just have a soft spot for Tara Reid in general, but this is easily my favourite role of hers and she is so perfect as Melody.

The supporting cast is what makes this film for me. Parker Posey and Alan Cumming are perfect as the insane managers, and DuJour. The combination of Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Donald Faison and the other guy is so perfect, and it’s always nice to see Missi Pyle pop up in anything.

The soundtrack is so good. I remember seeing this at the movies when I was 15 and as soon as it finished I went down to the music store and bought the soundtrack (and the single for Emma Bunton’s song What Took You So Long? Because why not.) and I still listen to it.

As a sidenote, I absolutely did not get what ‘Backdoor Lover’ was about for many, many years after I’d seen the film. Sheltered much?


Seth Green dancing is actually my favourite thing in the world to watch, and when he points up and down for the lyrics ‘from east to west’ I lose my shit. Actually, the whole thing is fucking hysterical, and Alan Cumming is so amazing.


11 10 Things I Hate About You



I forget how much I love this movie, but it’s got a great cast and it’s genuinely funny. I love Alex Mack, I mean Larisa Oleynik, and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Oh, and Alison Janney is fantastic is pretty much anything and everything. It’s clearly Julia Stiles best role to date, although this one where she tries to bang her father is… interesting:


10 Mean Girls



The rising stars of Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams, the teen queen LiLo at her peak… and Lacey Chabert. The beginning of the reign of Tina Fey over pretty much anything she wants to reign over. Well written, funny, bitchy, what’s not to like?


09 Clueless



This is probably the most iconic film on the entire list, in that I don’t think any of the other films have impacted teen society as much as Clueless did. I don’t even really need to say that much about it because it’s like the Star Wars of teen films. Alicia Silverstone is perfect in this, as is literally everyone else in this film. I probably have about 90% of this film’s script committed to memory from the sheer number of times I’ve seen it, in all honesty.


08 Drop Dead Gorgeous



This movie is so, so funny, and so heinously underrated. If you’ve never seen this, and you like your comedies DARK, then I’m not even kidding when I say you have to go see this right now. I watched it recently and found it even funnier than I did when I was young.

The casting is so perfect. Alison Janney (again) is amazing. Ellen Barkin, Kirstie Alley, Brittany Murphy, Academy Award nominee Amy Adams in one of her first roles, and of course, my girl Kirsten Dunst. Even Denise Richards is pretty perfect in this film (although having watched both seasons of her reality show, I’m not convinced she’s actually acting much in this at all).


07 Forgetting Sarah Marshall



This is probably the least chick-flicky movie on the list, and it’s also the most recent film on the list. I love this movie. I also love Russell Brand, but really, the entire cast is fantastic. This one makes the list because I could watch it over and over without getting sick of it.


06 Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion



This movie is hilarious, and again Alan Cumming steals every scene he’s in. Mira and Lisa are fantastic, as is the entire supporting cast. I’m a huge fan of Lisa Kudrow and pretty much anything she does, including her online show Web Therapy. There have been rumours for years that they’ll reunite (see what I did there?) for another Romy and Michele film, but so far nothing’s been confirmed. If it ever happens, though, I’ll be there on opening day, because I love the shit out of this film.

Now, get ready for the top five, and get ready to see a shit-ton of Kirsten Dunst. Prepared? Read on:


05 Bring It On



If you’re anything like me, you can recite a decent amount of cheers from this film. I saw it three times at the cinema. Here’s a quick list of things I love about this film:

– Eliza Dushku and Clare Kramer in the same film. Faith and Glory together? Genius.

– Linsday Sloane (Big Red). Did you know she’s great friends with Sarah Michelle Gellar? She was in her wedding to Freddie.

– Nivea. Remember her and that song she had?

– The line ‘Cheerleaders are dancers, who’ve gone retarded.’ and pretty much every other line in the film.

– Torrance’s little brother.

-The fact that Aqua’s playing in the trailer.


04 Get Over It



Why does this film beat the infinitely more popular Bring It On, you ask? Well, I’ll be honest, a great deal of it is to do with the fact that I make the decisions around here, but also, I love this movie. I watch it far more regularly than a lot of the other films on this list, and I own not one but two copies of it on DVD (The US and UK versions, because I wanted the special features) and also the soundtrack.

The rest of it is entirely because of Martin Short. He makes this movie go from being an average teen flick about a school musical, which in all honesty probably still would’ve made the list because I love the rest of the cast, to my fourth favourite film on the list. He’s so over the top, he steals every scene he’s in, and has literally every hysterical line in the film.

Aside from Martin Short, Sisqo is in it. I love Sisqo. Vitamin C is also in it, and her song The Itch is the theme song for the film:


Apart from Kirsten and Martin Short, the rest of them are good, too. Ben Foster is amazing, and I watched Alpha Dog to see him because I liked him in this, and what a good movie that is. My girl Mila is in it and Colin Hanks is a good dude, too.

Oh! I almost forgot that there’s a fictional boy band in this one, too, like Josie and the Pussycats. The Swingtown Lads have nothing on DuJour, but I do like their song Love S.C.U.D.


03 The Hairy Bird



Also known as Strike! or All I Wanna Do, depending on where you live, this film was a tiny release back in 1998 that I managed to see in the cinema, and my friend and I were two of the four people in the theatre. I love the whole cast, but Monica Keena (the iconic Abby from Dawson’s Creek) as Tinka and Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell from Mad Men/Connor from Angel) as Snake stand out. I actually can’t comprehend why this film isn’t more widely known/regarded/loved, because it’s easily shoved its way to the top of my list, which brings us to…


02 Now and Then



I don’t even have words for how much I love this film, but I have so much nostalgia attached to it that it couldn’t have been any lower on my list. It’s why I still care what Demi is up to, why I’ll generally take Rosie’s side against whoever she’s against that day, and why I’ve seen The Hole (with Thora Birch), 200 Cigarettes (with Gaby Hoffmann and Christina Ricci) and a bunch of other less than fantastic films with Christina Ricci in them. Because for me, these bitches will do no wrong.

Also, the soundtrack to this film is so fucking good that when I wore out my first copy, getting a second became my number one priority in life.

And that brings us to our winner…


01 Dick



No one loves this movie as much as my best friend Mikaela and I do. I’m serious. If you love this movie, we love it more, and I challenge you to prove me wrong. I don’t know how we’ll prove it, but I put the challenge out there.

Honestly, this movie wins because of how emotionally attached I am to it. Aside from the fact that, like The Hairy Bird, I think it is horribly underrated, this movie makes me so nostalgic that it’s in mt top five films of all time. Not just of teen films, but of all films ever. But really, it’s hilarious and if you haven’t seen it you really should because it’s well written and has a great cast.

And that’s that. What are your favourite teen flicks? Have I missed one? Do you agree with me? Do you want to see more PCP favourites? Let me know in the comments, on the PCP Facebook page, or on Twitter!


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