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Nobody loves Facebook timeline as much as Katy Perry does.


If what you’re thinking is ‘that’s because nobody loves FB timeline,’ then yes, that’s also correct. But I’m betting that if you were going to do a lyric video for your new single, you probably wouldn’t use Facebook as the ‘setting’ of it.

Oh, you might be wondering what I’m talking about because I haven’t posted the link yet. Here you go:


Essentially, what you’re looking at is a near 4 minute ad for Facebook.

Okay, so I’m just going to say that I think everything about this song is kind of ridiculous. The fact that they’re using it to promote her movie is silly, since it’s clearly (another) break up song dedicated to my boy Russell Brand.


The lyric video ignores the fact that Wide Awake is clearly about a break-up and uses Facebook to joyfully recap the Teenage Dream era; a difficult feat to accomplish when you’re looking at lyrics like ‘falling from cloud 9/it was outta the blue, I’m crashing from the high’ or ‘gravity hurts/you made it so sweet/’til I woke up on, on the concrete’ paired with image after image of the hugely successful Teenage Dream era.

You know what would’ve made this lyric video approximately 9 million times better? If she’d done this but recapped her relationship through tabloids. And if you’re thinking ‘but Stephanie, then you would’ve just accused her of copying Britney,’ well, you’re probably right, but at least it would’ve made sense to the song.

But seriously though. The song is relevant to her personal life, but from the trailer it doesn’t look as though that’s going to be the focus of the film, so in what way could this song be ‘written for the film’? I don’t know if Never Say Never was written for Bieber’s film, but if it was, it makes sense. Spice Up Your Life makes sense to Spice World. A song about a break up doesn’t make sense to a film that should essentially be the story of an unobstructed rise to the top.

So what do you have to say about that, then?

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