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Adam Sandler is still making Adam Sandler movies. Watch the preview for That’s My Boy.


Of course. Because getting a record number of Razzie nominations means you’re doing something right, right?

Basically, this movie looks like another predictable schlock-comedy from Happy Madison productions:


The only redeeming thing about it, for me, would be that Leighton Meester is in it, and you can tell that they just saw an episode of Gossip Girl and went ‘she’ll do’, because her character in this is basically Blair.

Now,this type of comedy is always predictable, so I’m going to guess the plot of the film and if anyone actually goes to see this paint-by-numbers comedy, let me know how accurate I am:

Adam Sandler’s got money troubles because he’s basically a big, alcoholic manchild. If you’re Australian, think Corey Delaney as an adult:


He finds out his son is rich, and he’s getting married soon! He hatches a plan to go and form a relationship with his son so that he can get the $43 000 in back taxes in order to avoid jail.

He meets with Andy, Blair (I can’t be bothered looking up her name in the film) and Blair’s family, and it goes horribly. Andy and his fiancee are uptight, conservative types who are both shocked and appalled at everything about Adam Sandler.

The son points out that the reason he’s so uptight is because he grew up wanting to be nothing like his father. He just wants a normal life and not not shirk his responsibilities the way Sandler did.

He tells Sandler that he was the worst father ever, Sandler asks for another chance. He’s still in it for the money and doesn’t realise the emotional journey that he’s about to embark on.

Blair’s a wasp, she probably planned the bachelor party for Andy because she’s obviously a huge control freak.

Sandler convinces the bachelor party to become a real party, they end up at a strip club. Andy learns that loosening up every once in awhile can be fun. They start to form a real bond as father and son that goes beyond the physical reaction of spitting when they’re shocked by something. Gross out boy jokes are abundant in these scenes.

As Sandler and Andy become closer, Sandler realises what he’s been missing all these years by not being in his son’s life. The money becomes less important to him, but he definitely still needs it to avoid jail.

Blair’s getting all stressed out because Sandler’s sudden appearance is ruining all her wedding plans and she’s starting to show her evil side.

Sandler teaches Andy to stand up for himself when Blair gets all psycho, and there’s probably some subplot about her wanting to know more about the dad. She’s probably the one who’ll end up revealing that Sandler’s only there for Andy’s money, in the third act. Since it looks like she’s from money already, it’s doubtful that she’s a gold digger too, but that’s always an option.

Andy’ll be all like ‘OMG is that true, are you only here for my money?!’

Sandler’ll be all like ‘Well that’s why I came, but now I realise what I’ve been missing out on!!! Forgive me!’

Andy’ll be all like ‘No, gtfo.’

Sandler will leave and go to prison, but Andy’ll probably bail him out in time for the wedding. Either that or Blair will show that she’s an evil bitch and they’ll get in a fight that will break them up, and Andy will realise he’s better off with his dad in his life than he is with controlling Blair telling him what to do.

The movie will end with Sandler and Andy doing something stupid together as father and son, with or without Blair’s family (who, if they’re there, will have learned to accept Andy and his family, flaws and all, and to relax a little).


I know most of that is in the trailer already, but tell me if I’m right about the end of it. Or if you think it’s going to take a different turn, let me know how you think it’ll play out. Are you going to see it?


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  1. I’d watch it, after it’s released on DVD.

    June 11, 2012

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