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David Arquette officially filed for divorce from Courteney Cox.



Okay, so I know, as you probably do, that these two split up back in 2010, and I was devastated then because they’re basically my favourite celebrity couple of all time and I thought they were forever. But then neither of them filed for divorce, and they stayed friends, and both of them released statements like ‘I haven’t fucked anyone since David!’ (I’m paraphrasing) and ‘I want to get back together with Courteney’ (again, paraphrasing), I just kind of figured that eventually they’d get back together. Gail and Dewey always got back together, and in all honesty I have trouble telling them apart from their fictional characters.

But alas, apparently they’re not actually their fictional characters, and I think I’m probably more upset about this divorce than Coco.

David cited irreconcilable differences and asked for joint legal and physical custody of Coco, and isn’t looking for spousal or child support. He filed for divorce on the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary, the day before Coco’s eighth birthday. If you take a look at the documents, you’ll see that he signed the papers on March 23rd, though. I’m taking this as a sign that he held onto them because he loves her and wants to get back together with her right now. Because I’m obsessed.

So what do you have to say about that, then?

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