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Probably can’t blame the accent for this one, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber’s really not the brightest guy in the whole world. Now, that’s not a criticism, but merely a statement of fact. You guys know that JB and I are cool because of my obsession with Boyfriend. Now, y’all remember that time when he didn’t know the word ‘German,’ right?

He tweeted after that he had misheard the word as ‘Jewman,’ and I almost would’ve bought it, except that the host showed him the card and pointed to the word, so either he’s dyslexic as well, or he really just had no idea what ‘German’ was. Either way it’s totally awkward to watch when he’s like ‘I don’t know, we don’t say that in America.’

Anyway, it’s happened again, except since it was on Letterman, he probably can’t say that he misheard the accent.

Letterman is ripping into Justin about his new tattoo and says:

Don’t go nuts, because more and more you see the mural, like the Sistine Chapel, you know? It’s too much.

Justin responds:

I’m not going for the sixteenth chapel look.


Watch the video below:

Okay, so here’s how I feel about the video:

That’s a shitty font for a tattoo, but it’s Bieber’s choice, and Letterman’s a real cunt for grabbing it like that, because you can see that kind of smile-grimace on JB’s face even after Letterman lets go.

The thing is, I feel bad for child stars, because as much as, yes, everyone should know what the fucking Sistine Chapel is, they don’t live normal lives, and there’s only so much home schooling can do. These kids basically are taught the bare minimum because they have mental schedules and it’s legitimately not like they’re going to need their education when they’re already earning more than most of us could ever dream of.

Now, this is one situation where I think my girl Britney put it best. In her 2003 MTV special In the Zone and Out All Night, she says:

I had this question the other day, I asked a really stupid question, and I know that people are asking, like, silly questions, for the Jessica Simpson thing, she asks silly questions, but if NOBODY EVER TOLD YOU IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW? Like, my brother, he’s like ‘well you didn’t know this!’ and he’ll pick on me, and I’m like ‘well, I’m too busy selling fifty million records, okay?’

Okay, maybe she’s not the most eloquent girl ever, but you get her point.

Also, that special is one of my all time favourites, and you can watch it below if you’d like:

The above quote is around 2:30.


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