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Oh, okay. LiLo’s got her nips out and is holding a gun to her head in her latest Terry Richardson shoot.

Well, I see LiLo’s up to her usual tricks, doing ‘controversial’ photoshoots with Terry Richardson at the Chateau Marmont to keep her name out there while she’s busy filming. That sounds really snarky, but really I love it. I love Lindsay’s photoshoots because I not-so-secretly think she’s a fierce bitch.

Anyway, this is just the latest Lindsay and Terry photoshoot, and honestly, it’s not my favourite because I think they fucked up her make-up. Or maybe that’s intentional. Either way, we’re going to get to my favourites in a second.

If you don’t know who Terry Richardson is, you can check out all kinds of shoots he’s done over at this tumblr, be warned, there’s lots of sexy nudity. Basically, he takes really fierce photos of all my faves, but he’s basically a sexual predator who’s armed with a camera and a team of yes men, at least according to that article.

Here’s the rest of Lindsay’s most recent shoot:

And here are some of my favourite Richardson shots, of LiLo and some others:


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