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Katie and Tom have already reached a divorce settlement.

Hands up if that happened significantly faster than you were expecting? Now, hands up if you’re evil like me and wanted it to get 50 shades of ugly? Right, glad to see we’re all on the same page.

Katie’s lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe, released this statement:

This case has been settled and the agreement has been signed.  We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.

We thank Tom’s counsel for their professionalism and diligence that helped bring about this speedy resolution

Tom’s lawyer, Bert Fields, released this statement:

The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes case has been settled with a signed agreement. Tom is really pleased we got there, and so am I.

And Tom and Katie released the following joint statement:

We are committed to working together as parents to accomplish what is in our daughter Suri’s best interests.

We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents.

Statements all round, but so far no one knows the details of the settlement. My guess is TMZ is bribing people left right and centre as I type this trying to get all the juicy details for us, so check back and things should get more interesting around here again soon.

What do you think the settlement entails? Do you think Katie got sole custody?


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So what do you have to say about that, then?

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