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LiLo’s career is going from strength to strength, I see…


That’s sarcasm.

She’s in talks to star in Scary Movie 5, and there are so many things wrong with this I can’t even deal right now.

Okay, let’s run through them, yeah?

The Scary Movie series should’ve ended a long, long time ago. I blame Scream 4 for reigniting the Wayan’s brothers (or whoever is responsible for this new addition to the franchise) passion for shit spoof films. Like it’s not bad enough that I had to put out a new release DVD called ‘Breaking Wind’ at work the other day. It’s a new Twilight spoof, if you’re somewhat pop culture illiterate. Probably the lowest point of my job since the ‘nobody knows how to pronounce Burlesque‘ incident. Speaking of mispronunciations at work, someone asked me for ‘Sons of An-Archie’ the other day. As in, Archie comics. Kill me.

Let’s not get sidetracked, though. What I’m saying is, Scary Movie may have done some great things for Anna Faris’ career, but it’s done. It should be over.

If Lindsay wants to be taken seriously as an actress again, are spoof films really the way to go about it? Last time I checked, the academy wasn’t giving out nominations for spoofs of films so ridiculous they deserve to be spoofed in the first place.

If Lindsay wants to get her career back on track, is starring in a franchise arguably more dead than her current career really a great move? Lindsay’s last starring role was in 2009 (Labour Pains, which actually wasn’t that bad for a chick flick.), the last Scary Movie was in 2006. Sure, the last Scary Movie probably made more money at the box office, but there’s no accounting for the taste of the masses.

Ugh, I can’t even. This is so shit. Even a trainwreck like Lindsay can do better than the fifth instalment of a has-been spoof series. It’s not like she’s Sophie Monk.


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