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The Katie and Tom divorce gossip for today again makes me think that Katie’s a sly bitch who I could be friends with.


Who knew? When Dawson’s Creek was on back in the day, I was always about Michelle Williams. I mean, aside from the fact that Jen is way cooler than Joey, Michelle was in Dick and Halloween H2O, both of which I love a whole lot. The more I read about Katie’s behaviour in the weeks leading up to her divorce from Tom, though, the more I realise I may have underestimated Katie.

Here’s the one rumour that popped up overnight that appears to be true: While Katie was quietly organising this divorce, renting a secret apartment in New York, and perhaps gathering up valuables and pawning them one by one before they get taken away from her in the divorce (I made that part up), she using a disposable phone so that no one (read: Tom) would find out about her plans.

How bad ass is that? She’s basically like a member of the mafia, and she put a hit out ON HER MARRIAGE. I’m sorry, that was lame. My brain’s not quite awake yet.

If you’re like me, though, you’re probably wondering why the fuck that would be necessary. The implication is that Tom or more likely, his minions, go through her phone records, which is totally creepy, controlling behaviour that I’ve seen in at least 3 B-Grade thrillers. If I was married to someone who was going through my phone records I’d probably be quietly organising a divorce, too. Well done, Katie.

The article also mentioned that the phone was ‘provided by a friend’, which could imply that her friends were worried, or that Tom requires receipts for all her spending. Again, totally creepy any way you look at it.

Meanwhile, since none of the gossip mags seem to find that piece of information quite as unsettling as I do, many of them have resorted to fabricating stories about the divorce.

The eternally wrong Us Weekly printed an article saying that Katie was talking to Nicole Kidman in the weeks leading up to the divorce, and that Nicole was offering Katie moral support and advice. A source from Kidman’s camp denied it.

Meanwhile, the National Enquirer (enough said) basically accuse Tom of being verbally abusive of Katie and that their ‘eyewitnesses’ said that Katie behaved like a battered wife who was under his control. Anyone who believes that the National Enquirer has sources who are allowed at private parties held by the Holmes-Cruise’s is incredibly stupid and deserves to be ripped off by spending money on trash like the Enquirer.


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