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Rihanna’s coming out with a clothing line.


It’s no secret to y’all just how much love I have for Rihanna, so you’ll understand that I’m incredibly excited about this.

Rihanna, my favourite filthy queen of slut pop (after Britney, obviously) has just announced her own clothing line. Debuting in Spring 2013, Rihanna is teaming with London based brand River Island to create her own line.

Announcing it on her blog, she said:

I’ve been wanting to design my own collection for some time. River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family run business also really appealed to me.

I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special.

So, basically I’m expecting her line to be a mix of girly fun clothes and tough bitch, bad-ass shit. However it turns out, though, I’m sure I’ll be totally into it, and will be keeping you posted as more information becomes available.


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