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Suri’s busy day.


Well, it seems that the rumour mill for the Tom and Katie divorce is taking a little breather, because there hasn’t been anything really worth discussing in a couple of days. That being said, little Suri had herself a pretty busy day yesterday, so let’s talk about that.

That photo up there is the first of Tom and Suri together since the divorce. Suri looks cute, Tom looks… well, Tom looks like Suri’s almost the same height as him.

After being reunited with her maniac of a father, Tom dropped Suri at her gymnastics class, from which Katie picked her up.

It was on the way home from said gymnastics class that a garbage truck struck the limo Katie and Suri were traveling in.


The damage was minor, and as you can see, both Katie and Suri are fine. The drivers exchanged info and went on their way.

And that about gets you up to date with all things TomKat.


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So what do you have to say about that, then?

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