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Movie Trailer – Bachelorette, with Kirsten Dunst and so many other people I love that you should just get in here and watch it now.


Okay, so watch the trailer real quick, and then we’ll have a little chat about it.


I love basically every single person in this film.

If you’ve read my post about my favourite teen chick flicks, you’ll know that Kirsten Dunst is my girl; I love her, and I’m so happy to see her doing a comedy/rom com/chick flick type thing again.

Isla Fisher, well… the last thing I saw her in was Confessions of a Shopaholic, which to be honest wasn’t my favourite film, particularly because I loved the book series. She was good in Wedding Crashers though, and she looks like she’ll be funny in this, so that’s cool.

Lizzy Caplan. My God. She’s so underrated. Aside from being fantastic in Mean Girls, I’ve really liked her in everything else I’ve seen her in, particularly Party Down, with Adam Scott.  While we’re here, let’s address the fact that I also adore Adam Scott and am 50 shades of excited to see them reunite in Bachelorette.

And Rebel Wilson. Basically I think she stole every scene she had in Bridesmaids, and that’s a difficult feat to accomplish when you’re sharing scenes with both Kristen Wiig and Matt Lucas. This one scene below had me in tears the first time I saw the trailer:


Essentially what I’m saying is that this film could be the worst piece of shit to hit the cinemas this year and I’d still love every single second of it. Fortunately, the film looks decent, and since Adam Sandler is still making movies no one else needs to worry that their film will be the worst.



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So what do you have to say about that, then?

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