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American Idol tries to one-up X-Factor by hiring the other formerly crazy diva, Miss Mariah Carey.


Mariah Carey is set to be the new judge on American Idol, and this is almost as exciting for me as the announcement that Britney was joining X Factor, albiet for different reasons. See, Britney’s my girl so I’ll just watch and support anything she does blindly and basically I don’t even give a fuck what it is because I’m a stan for her. Mariah, on the other hand… well… I’m just excited to see what kind of shit comes out of her mouth, which I imagine is how most people feel about Britney.

Okay, so to start with, we all know she’s a huge diva, so I’m sure she’ll take some of the heat off Christina over at The Voice, who from now on can just be like ‘look, at least I’m not Mariah, right?’ But the thing is, where Britney can be labelled crazy (even though it’s totes not 2007 anymore), and Christina can be labelled a bitchy diva, the only person you could call both is Mariah, and that makes me so excited.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mariah’s insanity, watch these two clips, where she gets dressed in a mini dress and stilettos to work out, and that time she rocked up unannounced at TRL, stripped, and handed out ice cream:


If Mariah brings even like 30% of that crazy to American Idol then I’ll tune in every single week.

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  1. Aside from her Diva(ness) Mariah is such a talented singer that she may actually have some real technical critiquing to say to the contenstants. Now, I loved Brit too but she is going to be more about the superficial judge who critiques performance and outfits. Looking forward to watching!

    July 25, 2012
    • Mariah does have an incredible voice, although aside from a couple of songs I’m not the biggest fan of her music. I think they’ll both have a lot to offer, but for very different reasons. Brit will (hopefully) have a lot of interesting things to say to the contestants about dealing with the press, which I’d be very interested to see. I’m excited for both!

      July 26, 2012

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