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PCP’s Favourite – Children of Celebrities.

Welcome to today’s edition of PCP’s Favourite, the second entry in our famous kids series. Today we’re looking at my favourite children of celebrities, and I’m sure it’ll be no surprise to any of you which children make the list. Sorry, Shiloh. Better luck next time.

05 Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline. Famous parent: Britney Spears.

Why I love them: Well, they’re Britney’s kids. What else can you say? What else do you need? Oh okay, well if you insist on an actual reason, here’s a video of them being ridiculously cute and dancing to Toxic:


And if you’re wondering which one I favour, it’s Sean Preston, only because I feel like the majority of Britney’s fanbase favours JJ because he looks so much like baby-Britney, and also because he’s a diva on the dance floor:


04 The Beckhams. Famous parents: Victoria and David Beckham.

Why I love them: They’re just so well dressed. All of them. Say what you want about the Beckhams, they are one fierce, fierce looking family. The boys are all adorable, and now with Harper as well? Well, you know she’s going to be a huge diva when she grows up.


03 Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon. Famous parent: Madonna.

Why I love her: She’s fierce. I mean, how could she not be, she’s the daughter of the queen of pop, so it’s in her genetics, and she seems like a pretty normal teenager despite her mother being a huge star, which is cool. Aside from that, though? She’s super pretty and has her own fashion line, I WANT HER LIFE.


Just ignore the parts with Kelly Osbourne. Yuck. If you watch around 6:30 you can see Lola looking bored while her mother speaks to her. See? Normal teenage girl.


02 Willow Smith. Famous parents: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Why I love her:


Whip My Hair is my jam and if she comes to Australia and performs I will be there because I think she’s a fantastic entertainer for someone who’s not even in their teens yet. Also I think she’s a decent role model for other kids, so good on her.


01 Suri Cruise. Famous parents: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Why I love her: She is by far the prettiest celebrity spawn, I mean, look at her, she’s like a real life doll. She’s also the poutiest and probably one of the most spoilt children in the history of ever, and yes, if you’re wondering, I’m incredibly jealous of her life. If you’re a big weirdo like me, then here’s a video of her first public words, to paparazzi taking photos of her:


And here’s Katie talking about Suri and some other stuff that’s not as important:


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