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PCP’s Favourite – Current child stars.


Good morning, dears. Apologies for the delay in posting this… you see, I’m leaving the country on Saturday and so I had going away drinks, and well, let’s just say I took to my death bed yesterday. After vomiting. Anyway, that’s not really an appropriate introduction to a post about favourite child stars, but hey, what are you gonna do? Let’s get to it. Continuing with our famous kids series, today we’re looking at current child stars, and by that, I mean actors under the age of 18, basically.

05 Rico Rodriguez.

I love Modern Family. I think every single character is fantastic, and I think the show has been going from strength to strength. Manny is awesome, and Rico Rodriguez is kind of adorable:


Shout out to Ariel Winter, who I also love but didn’t make the list because I have other favourite actresses who I like more than her. We’ll call her an alternate.


04 Nolan Gould.


Nolan Gould makes the list again, because of Modern Family, but also because he’s smarter than me and that’s scary because he’s like 13:


And he’s also really cute and funny. Good on him.


03 Kiernan Shipka.


Little Sally Draper. Isn’t she just the cutest thing? She’s got amazing style for a twelve year old that I wasn’t even really aware of until I became obsessed with Suri’s Burn Book, which, if you’ve done your homework, is my current favourite blog that’s not my own.


And you can watch her Child Star Psychologist Funny or Die skit here, as I can’t embed it for you.


02 Elle Fanning.


Dakota would’ve made the list too except that she’s 18 now. Same with Alexander Gould (Shane Botwin on Weeds). But Dakota’s little sister Elle is just as adorable (if not more so), so she makes the list.


She’s like the bubbliest girl ever. Even more than Dakota when she was younger, and again, I love her style. She’s fierce.


01 Chloë Grace Moretz.


So, am I the only one who watched Dirty Sexy Money? I thought so. Point is,  Chloe was Nate Fisher Nick George’s daughter Kiki in it, and she was adorable. Since then, she was in 30 Rock, and she rules in it:

And she’s going to be the new Carrie, and she’s in that movie Hick that I really, really want to see, and basically everything I’ve seen her in so far I’ve liked her in. And she’s got great style.



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