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Lucy Hale talks about her eating disorder.


Lucy Hale opens up about her eating disorder in a new interview with the U.S. version of Cosmopolitan magazine.

I’ve never really talked about this, but I would go days without eating. Or maybe I’d have some fruit and then go to the gym for three hours.

I knew I had a problem… It was a gradual process but I changed myself.

Okay, here’s the thing. I’m all for celebrities talking about their problems. It makes them more human, and young people who look up to them can hopefully learn from/avoid going down the same path. I just hope that the interview has more detail about how she overcame her eating disorder, what steps she took to gradually recover. Otherwise, this interview has the potential to be read as ‘why am I so skinny? Oh, I went days without eating and worked out forever. If you want to look like me you can do that too!’ because describing it as a ‘problem’ doesn’t come close to describing the gravity of an eating disorder.

If you’re interested in understanding eating disorders then I’d recommend Wasted, by Marya Hornbacher, which is a horrifying memoir about anorexia and bulimia. Please be warned that if you’re currently dealing with issues related to eating disorders then it may be triggering.


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