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TomKat are officially divorced/Don’t stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in TriBeCa (a rant).


Hands up if you’re disappointed because there was no drama? Ugh, me too. I hear ya.

So I arrived in New York City on August 20, the day that the TomKat divorce case was closed. It’s the second flipping off I’ve had from this city today. Not that this is relevant, but I’m going to tell you about the first one right now because otherwise this post is basically done.

This is a tale I like to call ‘Don’t stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in TriBeCa.’

Benji and I arrived in NYC at 3pm yesterday. We were going to meet our friends Mikaela and Kane at the hotel, as they’d just flown in from Australia. Since the room was in my name, I emailed the hotel to add their names to the reservation/see if they could check in early if it was possible/ask them to store their luggage if it wasn’t. This was the response I received:


So Mik and Kane got into NYC at 6am after travelling for a good 50 something hours. When they got there, they hadn’t added the names to the reservation, and told them they didn’t have any record of this email at all. At first they even refused to hold their luggage, but gave in eventually.

After wandering around the city aimlessly for as long as possible, they returned at 2pm, the room still wasn’t ready, so they just decided to wait until 3pm, at which point they were told that the room still wasn’t ready. Mikaela was more insistent about the fact that I had emailed them, to which they replied ‘Could you get her to email again?’ when she’d already explained that I was flying in from Indy.

Finally allowed into the room, they got maybe 15 minutes sleep before we turned up.

Now, I booked a family suite, with two queen beds and a sofa bed. I emailed them to ask if they could have the sofa bed set up, and never got a reply, but let it go because I figured I could just get them to do it when we checked in if necessary.

Well, the room we had was two double beds and an unmade sofa bed. I figured we’d just let Mik and Kane sleep off their jet lag and deal with it today.

Oh! Okay, also, when I went to check in, I was all ‘Hi, I have a booking under Stephanie Anderson, but two people from my party have already checked in.’ The woman behind the desk was like ‘we don’t have a reservation under that name, could it be under a different name?’ and I told her how I added Mik and Kane to the reservation because I assumed that had been done, and then she was all ‘Mikaela? Oh okay, I’ll just call the room to check.’ and called the room to check if it was okay to come up to the room that was booked under my name, on my credit card. What. Even.

Anyway, so this morning I went downstairs and was all ‘Hi, I booked a room with two queens, and the room you’ve given me is two doubles’ and threw in that I asked for the sofa bed to be made and it wasn’t.

The guy told me that he’d check it out and get back to me, which he never did.

When we got back to the room and nothing had been done (housekeeping didn’t even come and it was like 3pm by this stage.) I went down to check what was going on.

The manager told me that the beds in the room were queens.

Here’s the thing. I’m 5’9, and have slept in a queen bed for years. We’ve also been traveling around, staying in different hotels, and you know, experiencing the difference between a double and a queen. The difference being, in a double bed I hate my life if I have to share because my ankles hang off the edge of the bed and it’s totally lame, whereas in a queen I can be comfortable and get a nice sleep. Point is, I know the fucking difference between a double and a queen.

This fight legitimately went on for more than 10 minutes, with me going:

Okay, I promise you that’s not a queen size bed. I have a queen size bed, my friends have a queen size bed, we both buy standard queen bedding for it, and it fits perfectly. We’ve also been staying in a ton of hotels, what with the traveling and all, and booking queen sized beds that are the same size as the queens we have at home. The beds that you’ve given us are not queen beds. You’re tall, you go up there, lie down, and tell me if that’s a queen.

And him responding, with a little chart to show me the different industry standard bed sizes on it:

All the beds in the type of room you booked are queen sized. They’re the industry standard queen size, see? (points at chart). I can’t make the beds any bigger, they’re the biggest beds we have, and we don’t have any other family suites available. I can measure the beds for you to prove to you that they’re the industry size queen beds. I don’t know where else you’ve been staying, or what other beds you’ve been sleeping in, but some hotels have different sized beds. Our beds are the industry standard. Let me measure the bed to show you that it’s the standard queen size.

This went on and on and on.

He measured the beds, and they were short. EAT MY DICK, cosmo hotel. I told you.

All of a sudden, there’s a room available that has ACTUAL queen beds. It doesn’t have a sofa bed, but whatever. The room is bigger, and nicer, also. Afterwards he was all ‘I wasn’t trying to imply that you were lying… ‘ um, okay. Whatever.

Point is, I was right and I can tell the difference between a queen and a double.

Aside from that, NYC has been amazing so far, with a special shout out to Weather Up on Duane St, their cocktails are amazing and the vibe is awesome, and the bartender whose name I’ve forgotten was lovely, attentive and offered us some great suggestions for things to do when we’re in Austin later in the trip.


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  1. Jessie #

    Hahaha you crack me up. I would have done the same thing but most probably slightly more angry with lots of F bombs thrown in lol. What a twat!

    August 22, 2012
  2. Wow! What a flipping mess! It’s amazing how people can be so incapable of handeling the minimalist task! I’m amazed by your composure but can understand you must of been fuming at the mouth regardless! Ugh! Did you end up showing them the copy of the email? It’s like in your face, Reservation desk and in your face Manager! You showed him…. Hahahaha. So did to get any comps?😉 Enjoy NY!

    August 22, 2012

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