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LiLo got herself banned from the Chateau Marmont.

Oh, LiLo.

I can’t even with this because I’m so unsurprised that I actually rolled my eyes when I read about this.

Basically, here’s how shit went down:

LiLo was living at the Chateau Marmont in June and July, and managed to rack up a $46,350.04, which, SURPRISE, she didn’t pay. Over $3000 of that is just for the minibar in the room, and one night in the hotel’s restaurant cost her almost $2000. So much for sobriety, hey. Apparently she thought the producers of her Liz Taylor Lifetime were going to foot her massive bill, which is why she didn’t pay. Yeah, alright.

They sent her a letter on July 31st, which was all ‘bitch, we tried to make you pay but you didn’t, pack your shit and gtfo.’ (I’m paraphrasing.)

Anyway, they banned her until she coughs up the cash she owes. You can read the letter and the entire itemised bill over at TMZ.

Oh, and apparently her and her assistant are the prime suspects in a jewellery heist, but she’s not being charged, so that’s all we need to say about that for now.

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So what do you have to say about that, then?

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