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The stories I don’t have time to tell you about: December 28 + 29, 2012.


December 28:

– Amy Poehler and Will Arnett reunited in what looks like a subway urinal to spend Christmas Eve together with their sons. GET BACK TOGETHERRRRRR. [ONTD!]

– Patrick Dempsey is going to buy some coffee chain and save a bunch of people’s jobs. [GossipCop]

– Chris Noth is looking haggard. [ImNotObsessed]

-Hollywood studio IP addresses caught pirating rivals’ films. [ONTD!]

– Cocktails inspired by David Bowie. [Flavorwire]

– Dakota Fanning loves Duck Dynasty. [ONTD!]

– Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend wearing matching pjs. It’s too cute. [JustJaredJr]

– 12 things Lena Dunham learnt in 2012. [ONTD!]

– Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart top Forbes’ ‘best actors for buck’ list. [GossipCop]

– Liam Hemsworth is wearing a ring, HE MUST HAVE MARRIED MILEY ALREADYYYYYYYY! [TMZ]

– The top 10 childhood fictional females. [ONTD!]

– Brandy got engaged to some guy. [GossipCop]

– A very Lohan Christmas. [TMZ]

– Reese Witherspoon talks about her redneck baby. [ONTD!]

– Lana Del Rey’s 10 hottest photos of 2012. Alicia, Josh and Josh, this is for you. [Idolator]

– The best off the radar films of 2012. [ONTD!]

– Justin Bieber’s 15 ‘deepest’ instagram pics of 2012. [Idolator]

– The biggest embarassments of 2012. [ONTD!]

– 19 stunning images of Nevada’s ghost towns. [BuzzFeed]

– Look at this photo of Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum (aka Not Mila Kunis) cradling her baby bump. [ONTD!]

– The top 12 celebrity break-ups of 2012. [GossipCop]


December 29:

– Well, Kat Von D’s engagement ring looks exactly how I expected it to. Ugh. [ImNotObsessed]

– Katie Holmes’ Broadway show is finishing 7 weeks early. Ouch. [GossipCop]

– 7 celebs who literally make the same face in every photo. [BuzzFeed]

– Here’s a photo of one of Jessica Simpson’s bikini clad tits. [Celebitchy]

– The best-selling albums of 2012. [ONTD!]

– Beyonce is going to bring her fans up on stage at the Super Bowl. [GossipCop]

– Watch the trailer for ‘Small Apartments,’ a bizarre and dark comedy with Matt Lucas and Rebel Wilson. [PITNB]

– Watch the first 9 minutes of Star Trek 2. [WorstPreviews]

– Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney are on holiday together in Cabo. [Celebuzz]

– 21 Breakout stars of 2012. [EW]

– The hottest new couples of 2012. [GossipCop]

– Ariel Winter goes go-karting. [TMZ]

– Elderly members of the Academy don’t understand online voting, say they won’t vote this year. [WorstPreviews]

– Sofia Vergara in a swimsuit. [PITNB]

– Gwyneth Paltrow has a second cookbook coming out. [Dlisted]

– You should absolutely read this article ‘In Defense of Heidi Montag’s “Superficial”.’ [Idolator]

– Obama responds to a 10 year old girl’s letter. [BuzzFeed]

– Watch the first four minutes of ‘Warm Bodies’, the zombie romance with Tony from Skins. [JustJaredJr]

– Christina Hendricks talks about being a bottle redhead. [Dlisted]

– The sexiest red carpet looks of 2012. [TooFab]

– This New York Post cover is *fucked*. [BuzzFeed]

– Behati Prinsloo does her model off-duty thing. [JustJared]

– Here are some quotes from Kristen Stewart being her annoying self: ‘I don’t think I’m very approachable.’ Ugh. [GossipCop]

Leo talks about getting into character for Django Unchained, Quentin thinks the ‘n-word controversy’ is ‘ridiculous’,

– Kate Winslet’s style evolution on the red carpet. [SocialiteLife]

– Watch a clip from the Millon Dollar Decorators episode with LiLo. You know, the one where they gave her $200k in renovations and then she refused to film the big reveal. [PITNB]

– The 60 funniest pictures of the year. [TheChive]

– Project X was the most pirated film of the year. No wonder the shop I work at had a gazillion copies left, I thought it was because it was shit, but then again, perhaps that’s why people were downloading it instead. Or, it might be because Aussies are impatient. [GossipCop, BuzzFeed]

– Lana del Rey on the cover of Obsession magazine. [PITNB]

– I’m from Newtown, part 2. [BuzzFeed]

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