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The stories I don’t have time to tell you about: February 8 + 9, 2013.



– Ridiculous shit Paris and Nicole said on ‘The Simple Life.’ Or, as I call it, ‘words to live by.’ [TheBerry]

– Jenelle’s ex Courtland is in hospital on suicide watch because he misses her so much. ‘I don’t even have shoelaces,’ he says. [ONTD!]

– All the celebs at New York Fashion Week so far. [PopSugar]

– Amanda Bynes called Jay-Z ugly. [PITNB]

– Kristy from the ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club Movie’ [aka Sissy Spacek’s daughter Schuyler Fisk] sings now. [ONTD!]

– Watch the first clip of 1D’s 3D movie. I’m disappointed because I don’t want the 1D version of Katy/Miley/JB’s movie, I want the 1D version of ‘Spice World: The Movie’. By that, what I mean is that I wanted 1D to remake ‘Spice World’… potentially *as* the Spice Girls. Niall would be Emma (‘My Mummy’s my best friend! Shhh!’), obviously. [GossipCop]

– Gaga says that ARTPOP will be her ‘first real album’ and talks about how ‘Born This Way’ was ‘a challenge’ to her fans. Excuse me while I gag on the pretentious wankery of that. [ONTD!]

– Celebs who quit Twitter. [TheDailyBeast]

– That one photo of Beyonce at the Super Bowl is the new Angelina Jolie’s leg. [Heavy]

– Lana wrote for the ‘Gatsby’ soundtrack. [ONTD!]

– Dina Lohan’s house is about to go into foreclosure. Who sees the future of Dina and Lindsay being a drug-addled version of ‘Grey Gardens’? [Dlisted]

– Kristen Stewart, Jim Sturgess and Elizabeth Banks will star in a film called ‘The Big Shoe’. [GossipCop]

– Brit Brit is releasing a new fragrance called ‘Island Fantasy’ and although I wish she’d stop naming things ‘fantasy’ this and that, that sounds delish and I can tell you right now I will be adding this to my fragrance collection. Also, Britney has another new puppy. Am I the only one who ever wonders what happens to all these puppies? Where’s Bit Bit? Where’s London? Why do I know so much about Britney’s pets? Is her backyard some sort of sad tiny-dog graveyard? [PITNB, ONTD!]

– Justin Bieber’s mother talks about the chance of Jelena reuniting. [GossipCop]

– Amanda Seyfried talks about ‘Lovelace’. [ONTD!]

– Blake Lively hates camping. [Celebitchy]

– Marilyn Manson collapsed on stage. [GossipCop]

– Noel Fielding on ‘Brand X’, the goth detectives reunite! [ONTD!]

– Maybe Lena Dunham did vote after all. [GossipCop]

– Does Jason Bateman’s career need an intervention? [Flavorwire]

– Frank Ocean tweets a photo of the cut he got on his finger from his fight with Chris Brown. Be warned, it’s not pleasant to look at and is pretty graphic. [ONTD!]

– One reviewer of Melissa McCarthy/Jason Bateman’s film ‘Identity Thief’ called her a bunch of nasty shit. [GossipCop]

– 10 New York bars where you can contemplate great art. [Flavorwire]

– Beyonce covers Vogue. [ONTD!]

– Celebs tweet about Blizzard Nemo in NYC, not one of them makes reference to ‘Finding Nemo’. Disappointing. [GossipCop]

– NBC cancelled ‘Do No Harm’ after two episodes. That’s the show that had the promo pics that were identical to ‘Ringer’, which in hindsight, was probably a bad omen. Also, can NBC be saved? [ONTD!, ONTD!]

– A dating site for everyone. [BuzzFeed]

– Brit Brit backed Steven Tyler’s Hawaii anti-paparazzi act. [GossipCop]

– Celeb high school yearbook photos of tons of TV celebs. [ONTD!]

– Check out the trailer for ‘Hours’, a hurricane Katrina thriller. Sounds depressing. [WorstPreviews]

– Kim K says that her family are ‘second priority’ to Kanye. [GossipCop]


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