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PCP Predicts: Shia LaBeouf is the new Amanda Bynes.

Okay, so at the end of the day, I’m always happy when celebrities get help and sort their shit out, because I’m fans of almost all the people I cover on PopCulturePerversion and I genuinely care about their wellbeing. It’s my curse, and it makes me do things like cry out of happiness when they make comebacks and/or win awards. Maybe I’m kind of a trainwreck, too, now that I think about it, but that’s a little too introspective for 7am on a day that’s expected to reach 46C (114.9F).

If we’re being completely honest, though, there’s a little part of me that misses the trainwreck and their antics after they get better. I really cannot express to you guys how much I miss Amanda Bynes’ TwitPics or the Paris-Lindsay-Nicole friendship triangle saga of 2006-7. But with every trainwreck who moves on in their life and seeks a comeback, there’s another trainwreck somewhere, simmering, waiting for the perfect moment to reach boiling point. I believe that trainwreck is Shia LaBeouf.

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Jenelle Evans got arrested for heroin possession and assault.


I’m just going to file this one under ‘things that were bound to happen eventually’.

Okay, so apparently Jenelle decided to get back together with Courtland at some point and I either missed it or considered it irrelevant since none of her relationships last more an a couple of weeks at a time, even if they’re legally married.

The cops rocked up to her house to answer a domestic dispute, and after breaking up the fight, found a shit-ton of drugs.

Let’s start with the assault. Cops say that Jenelle hit Courtland with a piece of furniture, which sounds like some WWE shit to me (but real). They arrested Courtland for assault, too. Allegedly, he assaulted her by

“hitting her on the neck and striking her with a closed fist on her head.”

Ugh. I can’t deal with Jenelle and all her domestic disputes, you guys. I really hate everything about it, because it makes me feel like a shitty person for not feeling sorry for her. But I don’t. She plays the victim on ‘Teen Mom 2’ like ‘oh, Gary hit me so I left him and it’s done for good. LOLOLOL WE’RE BACK TOGETHER,’ but it’s just not that simple.

Okay, I’m not saying that it’s fine for these douchebags to beat the shit out of Jenelle because I don’t like her and she’s a liar, so don’t get me wrong. But Jenelle has way more responsibility in this situation that she ever accepts. Choosing the wrong guys, for example.

She’s claimed domestic violence against Kieffer, Gary, and Courtland (is that even it because I’m not even sure), who had all been arrested prior to meeting Jenelle. Maybe don’t choose criminals and junkies to be your boo. Everyone deserves a second chance, sure, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that looking for someone to get high with and looking for someone who can help you get your life on track and get back custody of the son you sometimes pretend to give a shit about are not compatible life goals.

Aside from that, I’ve seen ‘Teen Mom 2’. Jenelle has started her fair share of fights over the years (let’s be honest, it’s way more than her fair share), so I don’t buy for a second that Jenelle was just calmly sitting around, eloquently explaining why she was upset, when Gary or whoever suddenly tried to choke her with a bedspread, you know? I guess what I’m saying is that domestic violence can happen to anyone, yes, but when you’ve claimed domestic violence on three boyfriends in a row, maybe it’s time to look at your life and think ‘where am I going wrong that this happens to me over and over again?’ because it’s pretty easy to figure out, really.

OMG we got way off track there, didn’t we? Ugh. Okay, let’s move on to the drugs.

According to TMZ, cops found 12 bindles of heroin on Jenelle, and

was also found be illegally in possession of Percocet (a prescription painkiller) … as well as plastic wrapping paper and a glass smoking pipe, which is considered illegal drug paraphernalia.

They also found heroin on Courtland, but both Jenelle and Courtland denied possession of the heroin, which is why they both got charged with possession with the intent to manufacture, distribute and sell.

Oh, and if you’re like me and didn’t know what a ‘bindle‘ was, they’re those little plastic baggies that the junkies get their drugs in on ‘Intervention’.

Finally, after getting arrested, the cops also charged her with failure to pay her child support to her mother. Probably because she spent all her money on heroin.

Well, add these to your collection of ‘Teen Mom’ mugshots. Jenelle will have enough for a calendar soon enough:



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PCP Polls – Beyonce at the Super Bowl, Britney in Vegas, Jenelle’s pregnancy. Have your say!

Faking a pregnancy and miscarriage is only a good idea when you’re a fictional character on a soap opera and you need to convince your family to accept your sister’s rapist as your soulmate. It doesn’t work when you’re a trainwreck on a reality show, Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans may have caused MTV to cancel ‘Teen Mom 2′.

Jenelle Evans talks about her heroin addiction to Leah’s friend Amy LaDawn Nichols.


Celebrity Big Brother UK update: I’ve been watching this shit for 57 minutes and still no Speidi. It’s looking as though I’m going to have to wait until the very end to see them, which is so disappointing. Right now Claire from Steps is about to go in, and she’s talking about some reunion show that Steps did last year where she basically cried for like four hours on tv, and I am totally into that and am currently trying to find that to watch next.

Onto the actual post, let’s talk about Jenelle.

OMG, no, wait, Speidi is on, and Heidi just called her trainwreck Miss Universe performance ‘one of the biggest performances in television history.’ HAHAHAHAHA OMG I cannot. I’m so glad they’re here, this is the best shit ever.

Okay, now we can talk about Jenelle.

So y’all remember how Jenelle’s mother was talking to Kieffer’s mother about how Kieffer got Jenelle onto heroin? Well, it appears that a Facebook conversation she had with Amy LaDawn Nichols (best friend of fellow Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert) has hit the Internet, possibly after having a fight with her husband Courtland, who has access to all her passwords. Let me tell you, if I was married… actually, no, I can’t even come up with a proper comparison because I find Jenelle so very difficult to relate to. But basically if someone leaked my private conversations over the Internet, I would be livid and they wouldn’t be a part of my life for much longer after that.

Here’s the alleged conversation:

Jenelle Rogers: Are u withdrawing? That might be why I feel like this honestly… I just got a script for hydrocordons and figured it would be ok to take well when I ran out I withdrew AGAIN like three days ago
And today is my 5th day
I had acid reflux horribly and stomach cramps and everything… Still do :(

Amy LaDawn Nichols: No it shouldn’t be withdraw cause Ive been on suboxone since the 11th. But I’m sorry girl and yeah that’s probably what your going thru :( after an addiction and dependency like opiates, loratabs can still f**k your world up.. You wouldn’t think so cause it’s not shot compared to opanas or heroin but it can :(

Amy LaDawn: It shouldn’t take more than 7 days though so hopefully yours will be over soon. Try to buy a sub strip from someone and only take 1/4 a day see if that helps
I’ve got some I’d give ya but I’m all the way in WV

Jenelle: Yeah that’s what I was thinking to do but it’s like now who do I trust that won’t sell me out that I bought suboxone… Ugh lol ill find someone!! But yeah it sux I feel bad for Courtland becuz yesterday his script ran out too soooo tomorrow is going to be extremely sh!tty for him !!! Omg I feel so bad for him

While Jenelle hasn’t specifically acknowledged this conversation, she did tweet a fan asking about it that she couldn’t say much about it because she’s under contract with MTV. Jenelle’s husband, Courtland, however, tweeted this to Kieffer on December 22:

“U got jenelle strung out and then bailed on her when she needed u most! And everyone thinks u are the good guy! This is sad.”

Amy, on the other hand, has been entirely upfront about her drug problems, saying:

For the record, MY past and MY mistakes were just that MINE. And they are MY business not the worlds. Yes, my close friends and family know what they needed to and they are there to support me in my recovery. Im not going to deny what I did. But I have learned from it and I am moving forward and I am getting clean. I am in treatment and I am no longer doing any of that.

My friend Leah does NOT need to be involved with any of this. She is my best friend, And yes she knows about it. But she did NOT agree with it or have ANYTHING to do with it. So why are people even bringing her into it. Leah would never do the things I did and I was so ashamed of what I did that I even hid it from her.

She actually quit talking to me for a while and I was not allowed around the girls, But I knew that was her protecting herself and her children. We are talking and everything agian now. And I am thankful that she is still there for me. But please leave her out of this. THIS was MY mistake. And yes I have to deal with that, And I will battle with this for a long time. But my plan is to stay clean and get back to the AMY that everyone knew for so long. I am 3 weeks sober. So please stop with the bullsh!t. She does NOT need this and NEITHER do I. OKAY?

Judge me if you wish, I admit that I fell into the world of drug addiction that MANY have dealt with, However I am ONE of FEW who get HELP!!

Okay, so I know I’m hard on Jenelle most all of the time on here, but I’m not going to call her out today. I’ve seen enough episodes of Intervention to know that heroin is some serious shit, and if she’s talking to Amy about withdrawals and all of that, then I suppose that means that she’s trying to get help, and I commend her for that because that can’t be easy. There are rumours going around that she married Courtland so that her mother couldn’t put her in rehab, but  I don’t know how true that is. Hopefully if she does need rehab she’ll get the help she needs, because poor Jace deserves so much better than the hand he’s been dealt.


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Jenelle Evans’ mother talks to Kieffer’s mother about how Kieffer got Jenelle onto heroin, and also, Jenelle was involuntarily committed to the psych ward.

Ke$ha thinks Jenelle Evans is awesome. Ooooooof course she does.

Jenelle Evans got married. Of course.

Jenelle Evans’ mother talks to Kieffer’s mother about how Kieffer got Jenelle onto heroin, and also, Jenelle was involuntarily committed to the psych ward.



You ready? Here we go.

First up, listen to this conversation between Babs Evans and Kieffer’s mother. Basically most of it is Babs complaining about how Jenelle gives Kieffer a free ride. My favourite part is at 2:20 when Babs says ‘he kept blowin’ up her phone,’ which made me laugh because you know the only reason she would know a phrase like that is because Jenelle makes her listen to Ke$ha all day everyday.

You can skip to 9:00 after that for the part where they discuss Jenelle’s heroin use.


Following that, this also found its way onto the Internet:



Jenelle’s response:

lmao that happened a month ago


That’s a strange response. Like, I don’t even know what to say about it because it’s totally bizarre. Like, is she laughing because it took the world a month to find out? Does she think it’s funny she was involuntarily committed? Does she think that because she’s not in hospital now that she must be sane now? I don’t even know. Well played, Jenelle. Well played.


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Jenelle Evans is engaged. Again. To a different guy.


The stories I don’t have time to tell you about: December 9, 2012.



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Bradley Cooper talks about addiction.


Bradley Cooper did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he reveals his drug and alcohol muddled past.

If you’ve been following PCP for awhile, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that there’s nothing I find more interesting than addiction problems, so although I normally wouldn’t post about Bradley Cooper, it’s happening; let’s get into it.

So he’s been sober for over seven years now, but shares some of the shit he was doing before, including bashing his head on a concrete floor to prove how tough he was as he bled all down his face, because he was insecure. He says:

I was so concerned what you thought of me, how I was coming across, how I would survive the day. I always felt like an outsider. I just lived in my head.

I realized I wasn’t going to live up to my potential, and that scared the hell out of me. I thought, ‘Wow, I’m actually gonna ruin my life; I’m really gonna ruin it.’

I remember looking at my life, my apartment, my dogs, and I thought, ‘What’s happening?’

Now, he doesn’t do any drugs or drink, and says that it ‘helps a great deal.’ Good for Bradley Cooper! I mean, I’m still not going to watch The Hangover 3 when it comes out, but whatever.


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Russell Brand the successful comedian/actor is jealous of Russell Brand the junkie.

I guess Jenelle misses Amber, because she got herself arrested again.

Kristen Stewart and I are nemeses, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Hopefully this is the last time we have to talk about Amber Portwood.

Amber Portwood’s not going to be famous anymore. Good riddance.

Russell Brand the successful comedian/actor is jealous of Russell Brand the junkie.


My boy Russell Brand has a new documentary coming out for the BBC entitled ‘Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery,’ and I will absolutely be watching it. If you know me even a little bit, even from reading this blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with drug addiction memoirs (and if you are too you need to read A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown right now… seriously, stop reading this and go buy it. Here, I’ve even linked you to it on Amazon because I’m a good friend to you.), and you’ll also know that I love Russell Brand a whole lot.

In the documentary, he watches old footage of himself smoking heroin and confesses that he’s jealous of past-Russell, saying:

This is when you know it’s a disease. It doesn’t matter that I sat in that flat in Hackney and now I’m in the [upscale hotel] Savoy. I’m jealous of me then.

It doesn’t make a difference to me. The money, the fame, the power, the sex, the women — none of it. I’d rather be a drug addict.

He talks about how ‘greedy’ heroin is and how it’ll ‘take everything’ from you:

First it’ll take your money. Then it’ll take your friends, your family, your car, your house. Then it’s going to take bits of your body. In the end I used to be scoring with people that had eyes missing, limbs missing. You’ll take it until it takes your life. It’ll take everything until the last thing and you’ll gladly give it that rather than give up the drugs.

The documentary will air on BBC Three on August 16th, will you be watching/downloading?



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Hopefully this is the last time we have to talk about Amber Portwood.

So I may have jumped the gun a little with my last Amber post. Foolishly, I didn’t take into account that she can do interviews from jail. I was too eager for her to not be in my life anymore. I know what you’re thinking: ‘Stephanie, if you hate her so much, why do you keep posting about her?’ and honestly, it’s because I really enjoy hating her. I find it fun. Don’t you judge me.

Anyway, this new interview is ridiculous, as expected. Here are some quotes from it:

I felt like I’d rather do my time, and get it over with, and make the best of the situation that’s been handed to me.

This is so typical of Amber. She punches Gary, it’s Gary’s fault for provoking her. She gets her ass addicted to prescription pills, the situation is just something that’s ‘been handed to her.’ Also, to ‘make the best of the situation’ would undeniably have been to do rehab, go to counselling, and grow the fuck up so she could be a mother to poor Leah, but whatever.

I was very depressed. I was alone, I was bitter at everybody, and I didn’t feel like that was the life I wanted to live.

You know what I hear is great for depression? Prison. That shit will perk you right up, it’s such a warm, friendly place, why would anyone ever want to leave? You know, we’re all just fools, really, for not realising how good we could have it. At least she’ll never have to worry about being alone, I suppose. That being said, if I was in jail and Amber was my cellmate I’d beg them to let me change cells, and if that didn’t work I’d probably try to kill myself. Or her. Probably her because I’m really selfish.

I’d taken 30 Suboxone in three days, you know, the depression took over and I’d just take 4-5 at a time underneath my tongue.

This is the part of the interview where they recap her suicide attempt from last year and play Gary’s 911 call and show the part where she punches him.

[Gary and I] will still have a relationship, we still do. I’m not just going to sit [in jail], I’m going to do substance abuse classes, I’m gonna get my GED.

This part is just sad because you realise how delusional she actually is about this whole thing. Like, if she can’t stay clean when she’s out in the world, what makes her think that she’s going to be able to do it in prison? It’s not like prison is a walk in the park, it’s called hard time for a reason. And it’s not like drugs don’t get into prisons. Also, I give it a week before Gary’s back at the strip club making it rain. And also, I’ve watched three (soon to be four) seasons of Teen Mom and Amber barely put any effort into getting her GED then because she was always too busy feeling sorry for herself (and because she’d profoundly stupid), so I really doubt she’s going to get it done in jail when she realises what a huge mistake she’s just made choosing jail over outpatient treatment.

And finally… she didn’t even mention Leah. Not once. You can watch the interview here.

Amber Portwood’s not going to be famous anymore. Good riddance.


Well, since she asked the judge to sentence her to jail, I guess we can’t really be surprised that’s where she’s headed, right?

Honestly there’s no a lot left of this story. She chose drugs and jail over rehab and watching her daughter grow up for the next five years, and now she’s getting just that.

Amber’s lawyer asked the judge for leniency in the sentencing, but the judge basically said ‘fuck no’ and reinstated Amber’s original five-year sentence. She’ll receive credit for time already served, but basically, that’s it. She’s not famous anymore.

Think about it. She’s going into jail in a time where people know who she is. They don’t like her, because she’s an awful person, but she’s famous. She’s not getting out in the near future, and I’m sure in five years the Teen Mom craze will be long dead. Essentially, what this means is that from this very moment, we never have to talk about Miss Amber Portwood again, because she’s no longer a famous person. I just wonder if Amber realises that. Point is, no one has to care.

Now, we just have to get Jenelle to do the same and everything will be right in the world.

Amber Portwood is fucked.

This bitch, I can’t even. I don’t even know where to start.

Okay, well first up, I’ll say that I meant to get this post up hours ago, but if you check out my instagram, you can see that I got a tube shoved in my nose and all the way down my oesophagus this morning, and it’s rather uncomfortable, so I decided to take a nap to avoid the whole thing for a few hours when I got home. That and I was feeling lazy. What are ya gonna do, you know? Excuse the fact that I look feral as fuck in the photo.

Anyway, let’s move on. You’re probably aware of my love for Teen Mom by now, and the original is by far my favourite because I really like Maci, Farrah, Catelynn and Tyler, and their kids. Amber, on the other hand. Well, she’s always been a fucking trainwreck. I watch her scenes with the same kind of feeling I got watching the fourth and fifth seasons of Weeds, when every time Nancy would do anything I’d wonder if she was actually going to induce a stroke in me because I’d get all worked up thinking ‘How?! HOW can you think this is a good idea?!’ Amber does the same shit. When she instigates fights with Gary in front of Leah and then says that he made her punch him and it’s basically all his fault, ugh. She makes me sick.

Until recently, though, I did think she was an infinitely better mother than Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, and no, not because of this massive, fugly tattoo that she got:

But rather, because it seemed to me that she gave a shit what happened to her kid, unlike Jenelle, who quite obviously and unashamedly doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to Jace as long as she’s got whatever near-homeless boyfriend she’s seeing by her side and a fat blunt in her hand.

Speaking of the two of them, you can click here to see Amber naked, and click here to see Jenelle before and after her boob job, although you can’t see nips or vag. Gross. Why would you even want to, though, for real.

Let’s get back on track before I talk about how gross I think those two are for the rest of this post.

Amber went and got herself addicted to the opiate based drug Suboxone, which is highly addictive and similar to morphine. Back in December after her drug possession arrest, the judge went easy on her and offered her court ordered rehab so that she could avoid jail time, which is nice, since, ya know, she’s got a little kid who probably wants to have her mother around during her formative years, and all. The terms of the sentence were that if she completed the rehab program that the judge would dismiss the charges, and if not, she faced five years in the slammer. Basically from that moment on she was in and out of jail consistently for failing to do… well, anything. She couldn’t have done less to help herself if she’d tried.

When she got to court the other day, she asked the judge to throw her in prison because she hadn’t stayed clean, and was buying Suboxone off the street. Motherhood be damned, right? She said that she’d always be a ‘bad girl’ and she should just be put in prison. Apparently she thinks she’ll be able to go cold turkey in prison. LOL. While I’ve never been to prison, I feel as though I would probably choose five years with my kid who loves me over five years hard time with a bunch of scenarios that we don’t need to get into right here.

Anyway, to sum up how I feel about this, Amber is fucked, and I feel sorry for Leah because she’s got truly, truly shitty parents and she probably doesn’t have a chance in hell of turning out well.