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PCP Flashback – Destiny’s Child face off against Destiny’s Child and Destiny’s Child in a dance battle in the video for “Lose My Breath.”

Today’s flashback is on the newer end of the scale, because I feel like it wasn’t released thaaaaaat long ago. In reality, of course, this song is 10 damn years old and I’m suddenly feeling a lot older than I needed to. So great, here you go, watch the video. I’ll be in the bathroom trying not to let the tears for my wasted youth wash away my anti-aging morning skincare routine. xo


Full recap under the cut:

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PCP Flashback – Brandy and Monica battle for the affection of their two-timing boyfriend in “The Boy is Mine.”

You guys, remember Brandy’s 15 minutes? When I was a tween, I thought Brandy was the bomb. I loved her on Moesha, I loved “The Boy is Mine”, and I LOVED I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Monica, well, I have no real opinion of her outside of this kick-ass song.

Brandy and Monica a hit so wonderful that it’s on one of my playlists that is eternally on my iPhone, just in case I want to listen to it at any given moment. That hit is “The Boy is Mine,” obviously, rather than the pretty much unknown 2012 collaboration “It All Belongs To Me.”

So. Let’s watch the video, and then assess this glorious video:

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Kanye keeps getting booed at while performing at Wireless because he doesn’t understand that people are there to see him rap.

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy. Whatever will we do with you?

Okay, so after Drake was forced to pull out of headlining London’s Wireless festival due to illness, Kanye was brought in as a replacement headliner. You’re probably thinking ‘yeah, makes sense, they’re both popular rappers,’ and you would be right to think that. The only problem is that sometimes when Kanye is hired to perform his duties as a rapper, what the audience gets instead is a long winded, angry tirade about whatever’s on Yeezy’s mind that day.

So let’s talk about that.

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Maddie from Dance Moms performed ‘Chandelier’ while Sia sang for a wall on The Ellen Show and it was bizarre and flawless.

So Sia is about to make her musical return with upcoming album 1000 Forms of Fear, the debut single from which is ‘Chandelier’. The music video features my girl Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms being the flawless talent she is, and on May 19, Ellen had both Sia and Maddie perform the song live.

… It was bizarre, and evoked a lot of conflicting opinions within me. Let’s watch and discuss.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z slayed everything at the 2014 Grammys, and more talk about the performances and winners.

First things first, if you missed the red carpet round up yesterday, click here to catch up now! All caught up? Excellent. Now let’s talk about the performances of the night and find out who won what, yeah?

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The 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet!


Check back later today for the full recap with winners and performances!


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The 2014 Critics’ Choice Award red carpet round up.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and some other people are nominated for Oscars. Check out the full list and PCP’s picks now!

The only thing that matters is that Leonardo DiCaprio won, but let’s talk about the rest of the Golden Globes anyway.

PopCulturePerversion’s Best of 2013 List. Music, Movies, Television and more!

A slightly belated blog, really, but hey, at least I didn’t post this in early December and then have to redo my entire post after Beyoncé surprise dropped her new album, right? Procrastination really helped me out there. Anyway, enough chit chat, we’ve all got New Year’s resolutions to halfheartedly attempt, right?

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PopCulturePerversion reviews BEYONCÉ track by track.

So Beyoncé dropped her entire new album in the dead of night the other day, surprising just about everyone in the entire goddamn world. 14 new songs and 17 new videos, outta nowhere, just like that, because that’s how she do, y’all! On the one hand, I’m kind of obsessed with it, which is great for me because I’ve never been obsessed with a Beyoncé album before. On the other hand, there was a small part of me that was like ‘oh goddammit Bey, you couldn’t have picked a better week for this? I’m busy as all hell right now!’ So, forgive my belatedness, let’s get into it.

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Let’s talk about Britney’s new single ‘Perfume’, yeah?

Brit Brit is back with the second single from her upcoming album Britney Jean, a ‘ballad’ (her words, not mine.) called ‘Perfume’. Let’s have a listen to it and chat about it, yeah?

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PopCulturePerversion reviews Katy Perry’s PRISM track by track.

Katy Perry has just released her third album, PRISM, and I’ve been giving it a listen and feel ready to make my judgements. 

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