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Mia Farrow is a bitter old bitch.

Mia Farrow did an interview with Vanity Fair recently, where she revealed that she ‘never really split up’ with Frank Sinatra, and that her son with Woody Allen, Ronan Farrow (birth name Satchel O’Sullivan Farrow) may ‘possibly’ have been fathered by ol’ blue eyes, rather than Woody Allen.

Mila Kunis GIF stare eyebrow raise



So, let’s talk about the multitude of ways that this is fucked up.

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PCP History – Hugh Grant cheats on Elizabeth Hurley.



My goodness it’s been a long time since I’ve done a PCP history, but this is a good one, so let’s get into it.

So Liz and Hugh were like *the* British couple of the 90’s. Like, the Posh and Becks before Posh and Becks were Posh and Becks. Should I say it one more time? Posh and Becks. They met in 1987, and in 1994 she made headlines when she wore this Versace dress to Hugh’s ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ premiere:

Elizabeth Hurley


Your faves could never.

So things were all smooth sailing, you know, being a power couple and all, and then this happened:


These are the mugshots of Hugh Grant and Hollywood hooker Divine Brown, who were arrested on June 27, 1995 for ‘misdemeanor lewd conduct in a public place’, which translates to ‘he got caught getting a BJ from a hooker in his car’. In case you’ve forgotten what Liz looks like as you’ve been scrolling:


Babe. Also, can we just establish that Liz Hurley looks better in pink than basically anyone else ever will?

Here’s how shit played out.

Hugh was in America to promote his film ‘Nine Months’, his first major studio film which was being released two weeks from his arrest.


Hey there, Julianne Moore.

He was scheduled to do the promo circuit, and despite his arrest, appeared on Jay Leno that same week.


Ugh, Jay Leno. This is the show that put him over Letterman in the ratings. As for Hugh, damn, that’s some PR person’s iconic moment. Seriously, whoever was in charge of prepping him for this interview deserves a fucking medal because by the end of this interview I’m impressed with his decision to face the scandal head on and not claim any excuses, I’m reminded of all the reasons that I liked him to begin with, I’m entertained and charmed by his humour, and in under 3 minutes I’ve basically forgiven him.

Liz, meanwhile, chose to forgive Hugh and stick by him. In an interview with Barbara Walters, she said that she heard the news first from her agent, who called seconds before Hugh Grant did:

‘I felt like I’d been shot. I ran out. I think I was–I think I was in shock.’

On July 11 she accompanied Hugh Grant to the premiere of ‘Nine Months’, although she told Barbara that she was ‘miserable as sin’ on her arm, which looks about right:

19950711-liz_2061869i hugh_grant_1999_01_26


She said that she chose to attend the premiere because she didn’t ‘think you should hit someone when [they were] down.’

Hugh plead no contest, paid $1,180 in fines and was placed on probation for 2 years. He was also sentenced to attend an AIDS eduation class.

Divine Brown (real name Estella Marie Thompson), for her part, milked the shit out of the incident, appearing on talk shows, in commercials, and posing for soft-core photoshoots. She also starred as herself in a porno docu-drama based on the incident called ‘Sunset and Divine: The British Experience’ that was directed by Ron Jeremy. Here she in on Danny Bonaduce’s talk show ‘Danny!’:


I like how she says she won’t do porn and her ‘haters gon’ hate’ attitude to people who think  that her milking the situation for all it’s worth is distasteful. I also like how she talks about how she was using all the opportunities to get herself out of that life and to make money for her children, when she was arrested again in ’96 for soliciting undercover cops aaaaand those fake-ass acrylics don’t pay for themselves.

Anyway, she managed to suck $1.6 million out of the incident. Good for her, I guess. I don’t know, I mean, I know she doesn’t have any real responsibility in the situation, but if it was me in her shoes I would at least feign empathy for Liz Hurley and not call the situation a ‘blessing’. When I add up all the pieces of information I have about her, what I’m left with is a puzzle that tells me that she’s kind of a bitch but was smart enough to buy a house and put her kids through private school.

For the Hugh Grant incident, Divine also plead no contest and was sentenced to attend an AIDS education class, to pay $1,150 in parole violations and to serve 180 days in jail, as well as 5 days of community service.

Oh, and to finish up the tale of Liz and Hugh, they stayed together until 2000 and then broke it off, but they’re like BFFs and I’m pretty sure he’s the godfather of her son. Also, as a sidenote to this, she kind of has a thing for bad boy cheaters because hello, she’s dating engaged to notorious cheater Shane Warne now. When did they get engaged?! And why, Liz? You could do better than him, he’s disgusting in every imaginable way.

Are there any scandals or pop culture milestones you’d like me to cover? Let me know in the comments!


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PCP History – JonBenét Ramsey.

PCP history – Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Soon Yi, and Ronan Farrow’s Father’s Day message to Woody.


PCP History – JonBenét Ramsey.

I was at work the other week and made some passing reference to JonBenét Ramsey to a friend who’s a few years younger than me, and she had no idea what or who I was talking about. I was completely taken aback, but then I realised that she would’ve been like five when JonBenét was murdered, and that the level of fascination I have for the JonBenét case probably significantly more than the average person, and perhaps a teensy bit unhealthy.

So before any of the basic bitches on Toddlers and Tiaras were even being preconceived, there was only one child beauty star whose name was known around the world, and that was Miss JonBenét Ramsey, and she wasn’t famous for drinking Go-Go Juice and being disgusting.

The following clips, combined with her Wikipedia page, will give a far better overview of the murder than I’m capable of writing:

Firstly, I think her whole family’s fucked. For years, I was convinced that it was her brother who’d killed her out of an insane jealous rage because their parents devoted all their time and attention to JonBenét. Also, one time  in a true crime magazine I saw this picture of him holding a white cat, and the dude looked EVIL. Every stereotype in the book evil. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes exhausting Google trying to find the photo for you, but alas, it appears that the photograph never reached the internet. Ugh. Displeasure.

Furthermore, even though DNA testing proved that the family didn’t murder her, I’m not convinced that they didn’t play some part in the whole thing. Like maybe it was some kind of Man on Fire scenario, or something. I don’t even know, but the point is, there’s something not right about them.

Here’s the full text of the ransom note:

Mr. Ramsey

Listen carefully! We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We do respect your bussiness [sic] but not the country that it serves. At this time we have your daughter in our posession [sic]. She is safe and unharmed and if you want her to see 1997, you must follow our instructions to the letter.

You will withdraw $118,000.00 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag. I will call you between 8 and 10 am tomorrow to instruct you on delivery. The delivery will be exhausting so I advise you to be rested. If we monitor you getting the money early, we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence a [sic] earlier delivery pick-up of your daughter.

Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied her remains for proper burial. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do notparticularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them. Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as Police, F.B.I., etc., will result in your daughter being beheaded. If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies. If you alert bank authorities, she dies. If the money is in any way marked or tampered with, she dies. You will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found, she dies. You can try to deceive us but be warned that we are familiar with law enforcement countermeasures and tactics. You stand a 99% chance of killing your daughter if you try to out smart [sic] us. Follow our instructions and you stand a 100% chance of getting her back.

You and your family are under constant scrutiny as well as the authorities. Don’t try to grow a brain John. You are not the only fat cat around so don’t think that killing will be difficult. Don’t underestimate us John. Use that good southern common sense of yours. It is up to you now John!



Everything about the note is totally bizarre. Like, why leave a note if you’ve already killed her? Why are you asking for bizarre amounts of money? If it was an unknown man, why didn’t he actually kidnap her? What the fuck does S.B.T.C stand for? So many questions, and so few answers.

Who do you think is responsible for the murder of JonBenét?


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PCP history – Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Soon Yi, and Ronan Farrow’s Father’s Day message to Woody.

PCP history – Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Soon Yi, and Ronan Farrow’s Father’s Day message to Woody.


You know, it’s probably because I was like 6 or 7 years old when this shit went down, but I’m definitely one of those ‘Eh, well they’ve been married for so long is it really a scandal anymore?’ people.

Now, for the youngsters and/or uninformed on the Woody and Soon Yi situation, I’m just going to run through it real quick for you.

In 1978 Mia Farrow adopted an 8 year old daughter, Soon Yi, with her husband at the time, Andre Previn. They got divorced in 1979, and in 1980 Mia started dating Woody Allen. Here’s a lovely photo of Mia Farrow, just ‘coz:

They never got married, and they kept separate apartments. For a more current pop culture reference, Carrie talks about Woody and Mia in Sex and the City (Season 2, episode 11):

Ever since Woody Allen described waving to Mia Farrow across the Park, single men in Manhattan had yearned for that kind of separate togetherness.

The infamous Woody Allen quote that Carrie is referring to the New York Times article called

Woody and Mia: A New York Story:

Allen and Farrow very much lead their own lives, while continuing a relationship that is the longest either has had. By any standard, it is not a conventional union. They are not married, neither do they live together; their apartments face each other across Central Park. When they began to date, they would wave towels out the window as they spoke on the phone, delighting in saying they could see the other. Her apartment — which in addition to nine children and a nanny is home to two cats, a canary, a parakeet, several chinchillas and assorted tropical fish — was used for her scenes in “Hannah and Her Sisters,” which Allen directed in 1986.

“It’s sort of like just enough,” Allen explains one day in his Fifth Avenue apartment, a duplex penthouse with country furniture and a wraparound view of Manhattan and all of Central Park. “Perhaps if we were to live together or if we met at a different time in our lives it wouldn’t work. But it seems to be just right. I have all the free time I want and it’s quiet over here, and yet I get plenty of action over there. I think it’s because we don’t live together and that she has her own life completely and that I have mine that we’re able to maintain this relationship with a certain proper tension. If we got married years ago and lived together, maybe now we’d be screaming, ‘What have we gotten into?’ These things are so exquisitely tuned. It’s just luck.”

So, they were together for 12 years, had one biological child and adopted two other children. And then Mia found naked photos of her then 20 year old adopted daughter Soon Yi in Woody’s apartment and shit was one of the biggest scandals of the 90’s, because although they’d never lived together, he basically started banging his step daughter. Can I get a big ‘that shit cray’?

Anyway, Woody and Soon Yi stayed together, and got married in 1997. While promoting Midnight in Paris, Woody talked about the scandal:

What was the scandal? I fell in love with this girl, married her. We have been married for almost 15 years now. There was no scandal, but people refer to it all the time as a scandal and I kind of like that in way because when I go I would like to say I had one real juicy scandal in my life.

As for Soon Yi, in 1992 she was quoted as saying:

To think that Woody was in any way a father or stepfather to me is laughable. My parents are Andre Previn and Mia, but obviously they’re not even my real parents. I came to America when I was seven. I was never remotely close to Woody. He was someone who was devoted exclusively to his own children and to his work, and we never spent a moment together.

And that about sums up the whole situation. Oh, and Mia accused Woody of sexually abusing their adopted daughter Dylan, who was 7 at the time. The charges were dismissed, but Mia got full custody of the kids, and none of them speak to Woody now.

Now, it was Father’s Day in the US the other day, and Woody’s biological son, Ronan (whose birth name is ‘Satchel’) took to Twitter to express his feelings:

Happy father’s day — or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law’s day.

And if that’s not scandalous enough, Mia Farrow retweeted it, adding ‘BOOM!’