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Charlie Sheen HATES Farrah Abraham now, obliterated her via open letter and said (accurately) that she has ‘tranny-boobs’.

Okay, so remember yesterday when we talked about how Farrah was trying to hook up with Charlie Sheen, and how she sent their text messages to TMZ and then called them up to be interviewed about it? Well, Charlie found out about it and he. Is. PISSED.

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Catching up with everybody’s favourite beauty queen, the one and only Miss Amanda Bynes.

Well, this post has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? It’s been over a week since we last caught up with the queen of Twitter, so obviously we have a ton of ridiculous gossip to get through. Without further ado, let’s jump right in, shall we?

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Wars, wigs, and other whack shit: The Amanda Bynes trainwreck is on an express route to crazy town.

It’s been a few days since we last caught up with Amanda, so obviously I currently have about 675 tabs open and we’ve got a lot of drama to cover.

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The saga of beauty queen Amanda Bynes continues. She told Perez Hilton to kill himself because no one wants to suck his dick, and other tidbits.

To paraphrase Amanda’s nemesis Rihanna: ‘That Amanda reign just won’t let up!’

Okay, let’s start with the court case. TMZ reported that the case is rapidly falling apart due to lack of evidence from the prosecution. Here’s what they’re saying:

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America’s most beautiful plaintiff, Amanda Bynes, hates the ugly Courtney Love and Chrissy Teigen now, and other trainwreck-related delights.

As always, so much has happened since the last time (read: yesterday) I blogged about Amanda that I’m unsure of where to begin, so I’m just going to start with Courtney Love because it’s a serious case of trainwreck vs trainwreck, right?

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Two trainwrecks for the price of one: LiLo and Amanda Bynes updates.

I think I’ll start with Lindsay this morning, because it’s been a little while since we caught up with her, unlike Amanda, who is the current reigning Princess of PCP. I am the Queen, OBVIOUSLY.

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Amanda Bynes got her ass arrested and hospitialised because she ditched her bong out the window, AFTER letting the cops into her apartment. Of course.

For actual weeks there was no news on the Amanda front and now homegirl can’t even keep it together long enough to let me get through a work day before she makes the headlines again. That takes some dedication, and for that, I commend her.

So, let’s talk about how Amanda’s past 24 hours have escalated from ‘InTouch has ugly staff members and I’m suing them all!’, you know, the usual, to ‘Amanda Bynes arrested in felony bong-tossing!’, shall we?

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Farrah Abraham remains a moron, talks about not getting an STD when asked about her diet pill endorsement, and other tidbits.

Sigh. I don’t know why I’m surprised, again. Farrah ‘I don’t exist about anything’ Abraham put her foot in her mouth (amongst other things) again. TMZ caught up with her the other day, and took the opportunity to ask her about her new diet pill endorsement. In the video, which you can view at the source, this happens:

TMZ: ‘I know your new endorsement, congratulations.’

Farrah: ‘Thank you.’

TMZ: ‘Now, did you actually go through the testing, you know, with the … ‘

Farrah: ‘Of course. I take health and safety very serious [sic], and, you know, I don’t have sex at all, so *laughs* definitely when James and I… um, I made sure he was tested, and I know he was already, you know, safe, and those things, and that’s why I felt, like, secure with like, bein’ with him, so… ‘

TMZ: ‘I was saying more when you endorse your new diet pill… ‘

Farrah: ‘Oh! Well, I’m sorry *laughs* I didn’t know what we were talking… there’s a lot going on, so YEAH! One endorsement I did is with Raspberry Key Tones, or Tones, which is something that is very happy for me, because I’m very healthy, and I cook a lot, and I take care of fitness, and all these things I juggle, so this fits in my life. So I’m happy about that, and then yeah, dealing with all of this press about the sex tape, and then some other things that I probably shouldn’t be talking about now, ‘coz I’m like “I don’t know what I’m talkin’ about!”‘

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I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan has mind control powers, because she managed to get Shawn Holley and the Betty Ford Center to take her back. Oh, and Dina’s been talking.

‘Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can!’

LiLo pulled a Jay Gatsby and in 24 hours got Shawn Holley and the Betty Ford Center to take her back. Say what you will about Lindsay, but she is a fucking miracle worker when she wants to be, you guys.

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Here are some photos of Farrah Abraham practicing her moves for her inevitable career as a stripper, and more uncensored photos from her porno.

After porn, this is like a step up the ladder of self-respect, right? Don’t worry, I’m kidding, don’t ream me for slut shaming, I assure you that I am pro-making your own life choices, whatever they may be. Click through to see Farrah the pole dancer…

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