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The Emmy Awards’ boss is under fire for category fraud.

If you read the Emmy nominations last week and thought to yourself “wait, what the fuck? How is Orange is the New Black nominated in all the comedy categories, I don’t remember laughing in season two,” well, you’re not alone. In fact, so many people read the nominations and thought it was suspicious that the Academy’s chief executive Bruce Rosenblum had to give an interview “explaining” how the nominations ended up the way they did.

Leo Leonardo DiCaprio I'm ready gif wolf

I’m ready.

Let’s see what he had to say for himself.

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Mindy Kaling talks Vogue, being a role model, and bein’ a pimp in a hilarious interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

OH MY GOD you guys The Mindy Project is FINALLY, FINALLY back tonight after a 127 year hiatus and it is the only thing on my mind. I am not interested in hearing or speaking sentences that don’t involve the words “Mindy”, “Danny”, “OMFG”, or “I’m dying”. I’m in a place of hardcore fangirling right now and 100% okay with it. Me, right now:

Kristen Bell my entire life I've been waiting for this moment

So let’s get excited together.

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Get to know the cast of your new favourite reality show, ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’.

So you guys know me, you know I’m all about a good trashy reality show, and I think E!’s new show ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ has potential to make it into my favourites list quickly. Based on the Tumblr page Rich Kids of Instagram (although it kind of sounds like an American adaptation of Made in Chelsea, which was just the British version of The Hills), the show is going to follow the lives of wealthy 25 year olds who live in Beverly Hills and document their extravagant lifestyles on Instagram. Goals, tbh. That’s the dream.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s meet the cast. Click on their names to check out their Instagram accounts.

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Katy Perry covers Elle UK and was a bitch to K-Stew, the first teaser for Homeland season 3, a couple of quick LiLo updates, and the stories I don’t have time to tell you about: July 30, 2013.


Here’s the only important part from the interview: “I sent [Kristen Stewart] a text message saying: ‘I know you’ve seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you. I’m not that person. I’m just trying to be a friend to [Robert Pattinson] but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits.’” DAYUM. Read more at Celebitchy.



Lindsay Lohan is going to guest host Chelsea Lately on August 5th. She’s due out of rehab any day now, and will be hosting the show next week, apparently, which will include interviewing other celebs and running a roundtable discussion. Aw, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I really do want her to do well. I’m a sucker, sue me. Also, TMZ says that she’s planning to cut 80 people from her friendship circle when she leaves rehab, and apparently after she finishes her program she’ll hang around for a few more days in a lower-level sober living house before moving back to NYC, because she’s worried about the temptations she’ll face back in socirty. Go gurl, get dat sobriety. Meanwhile, Dina Lohan showed up uninvited to the NYC premiere of The Canyons and was a huge bitch to everyone, apparently. [TMZ, Celebitchy]

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The trailer for ‘Arrested Development’ season 4, and the stories I don’t have time to tell you about: May 13, 2013.

via [ONTD!]

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The stories I don’t have time to tell you about: April 11, 2013.


– 9 posters for the new season of ‘Arrested Development’. [WorstPreviews]

– Tina Simpson, Jessica and Ashlee’s mother, planned a murder/suicide when she found out her husband was gay, nbd. [IDLYITW]

– Amanda Bynes’ hairdresser said that she seemed like she was on something. SUED. [ONTD!]

– Katie Holmes is working on a film with Spike Lee. [JustJared]

– Watch Demi Lovato’s video for Heart Attack. She is slaying my life right now, you guys. I love her. Also, watch her perform it on GMA. [Idolator, Idolator]

– Lindsay will be summering in the Hamptons in her not-lockdown rehab. It’s basically a spa. [Dlisted]

– SURPRISE! MTV cancelled ‘Buckwild.’ One of the producers is furious, and the cast is tweeting to save the show “for Shain”. Yeah… for Shain. Not for your paychecks, right? Right. Oh, and obviously that led to a fight with Jenelle Evans, because it’s Jenelle. [TMZ, Dlisted, ONTD!]

– Da Fuq is Mischa Barton wearing, y’all? [ONTD!]

– And while we’re at it, da fuq is Rumer Willis wearing?! [GoFugYourself]

– Rihanna and Chris Brown are still a thing. I knew not to get my hopes up. [GossipCop]

– 26 answers to Carrie Bradshaw’s ridiculous questions. [BuzzFeed]

– Hear 5 second of an unreleased reggae Lana Del Rey song called Party Girl. Lana Del Reggae. [Idolator]

– Apparently Victoria’s Secret fired Miranda Kerr because of her ‘difficult reputation’? What, the one that she’s cheating on Orlando and banging half of Hollywood? Is that the reputation they could be referring to? [Celebitchy]

– As if anyone needed another reason to hate Russell Crowe, he was a real cunt to Rebel Wilson. [Dlisted]

– See all the ‘Sex and the City’ references ‘The Carrie Diaries’ jammed into the first season. It’s actually pretty fantastic, I hope it gets a second season. [PITNB]

– The dumbest things teens like. [BuzzFeed]

– JT performed Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay for the Obamas. [Idolator]

– Billy Ray says he’s always been a better friend than a ‘daddy’ to Miley Cyrus. He said ‘daddy’. That was his word choice, not mine. [GossipCop]

– Look back at past MTV Movie Awards. [PopSugar]

– PETA’s mad at Kate Upton for posing with endangered baby animals for a Harper’s Bazaar shoot. [Celebitchy]

– AMC is developing a ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off. [WorstPreviews]

– The 25 sexiest Rolling Stone covers of all time. [BuzzFeed]

– Ryan Seacrest got swatted. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS I STILL DON’T GET IT. [TMZ]

– Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent got engaged. Nate as in Nate from Oprah and Jeremiah as from ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’. Babes. [GossipCop]

– Two new posters for ‘The Fast and the Furious 6.’ [WorstPreviews]

– The 20 most helpful YouTube comments ever written. [BuzzFeed]


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Seth Cohen is banging Blair Waldorf.



You know how in season 3 of The O.C. Summer was all worried that Seth was going to move to the east coast and find someone new (and smart) to bang? Well, it’s a couple of years late, because unfortunately for Adam Brody I don’t think many people would call him relevant these days, but it happened, you guys!

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are dating. Am I the only one who is kicking themselves for not seeing this coming? They’re a pair made in washed-up teen star heaven.

Okay… that’s mean, because I actually like both of these actors and I wish them the best in their careers, but it’s like, name me two movies for each actor that you’ve seen them in. I can do one each. Adam Brody had a fairly small role in ‘Scream 4’, and Leighton Meester starred in ‘The Roommate’, which (and I say this in the best possible way) sucked. Did I enjoy it? Yes, absolutely, because shitty B-grade thrillers are like my kryptonite. Was it a good film? No. Not even. It was a bad carbon copy of ‘Single White Female’, which isn’t even a good film. It’s like, I figure if either one of them was set to have a fabulous film career it would be happening by now, you know?

So they met while filming some movie that I’ve never heard of, called ‘The Oranges’ (OMG like the O.C?!). Oh, wait… I just remembered that Leighton was also in that shitty Adam Sandler film ‘That’s My Boy’. Ugh. Let’s not even go there because even the trailer for that was dreadful.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that these two teen stars found love in a hoooooooooopelessssssssssssss place. The hopeless place in this scenario being the washed-up teen star ‘I’m doing indie films by choice!’ wasteland.



And finally, to balance out the snark, here’s the trailer for ‘The Oranges’:


Blair Waldorf, Seth Cohen, Dr House, Maebe Fünke, Alison Janney (‘The West Wing’) and Oliver Platt (‘Bored to Death’/’The Big C’). It’s like TV actor heaven! But seriously, the trailer actually looks decent, so maybe it’s one of those rare ‘Pieces of April’ gems where the TV actor lands a decent indie role.


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Oh, okay. LiLo’s got her nips out and is holding a gun to her head in her latest Terry Richardson shoot.

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The stories I don’t have time to tell you about: January 23, 2013.

Krysten Ritter


– ‘Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23’ got cancelled, James Van Der Beek and Krysten Ritter respond on Twitter. Also, BuzzFeed’s 9 reasons to save the show. [GossipCopBuzzFeed]

– Jesse James is still a moronic hick. [TheSuperficial]

– ‘Cheese’ and ‘fire’ are not words I like to see in the same sentence. It’s literally a truck full of cheese, on fire, that has blocked off a tunnel. [BuzzFeed]

– New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees are going on tour together. I don’t understand why NKOTB don’t tour with the BSB again. That concert was one of the most entertaining (read: unintentionally hilarious) nights of my life. I can’t think of a single song by 98 degrees or Boyz II Men. I’d probably go just to see Donnie Wahlberg loving life in a sparkly fedora/wifebeater combo again, though. [GossipCop]

– Here’s an interview with Kaya Scodelario about Sundance and her new film “Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes.” [ONTD!]

– 17 of the most memorable moments from ‘Heathers’. [BuzzFeed]

– J Lo looking like an upper middle class escort. [TMZ]

– Ryan Gosling in GQ Australia. [ONTD!]

– LiLo’s lawyer situation is getting ridiculous, and she turned down Dancing With the Stars because she thinks she’s too good for it even though she has no income and owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes. [TMZ, TMZ]

– Celebs share their behind the scenes Inauguration Party pics. [PopSugar]

– Beyonce lip-synched her performance at the Inauguration, Kelly Clarkson did not. [GossipCopGossipCop]

– The mayor of Las Vegas wants Prince Harry to come back. [TMZ]

– Celebs at Paris Fashion Week. [ONTD!]

– Lana Del Rey talks about how she ‘sort of’ wants to become Angelina Jolie. [Celebitchy]

– Taylor Swift: ‘Part of me just wants to be alone.’ [GossipCop]

– Arnie wants Maria back. He made a huuuuuuuuuuge mistake. [TMZ]

– Watch the White House get attacked for two minutes in the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen. [GossipCop]

– Lindsay Lohan remembers Heath Ledger five years later. [ONTD!]

– RiRi gave some waiter a $200 tip. [TMZ]

– I know I’m supposed to be paying attention to Lady Gaga in this post about her going shopping, but look at all the Boos in the background! In case you don’t follow me on Instagram/Twitter, I’m obsessed with Boo. [Idolator]

– Shakira gave birth, named her son Milan. [GossipCop]

– Adrienne Maloof took a page out of Camille’s book and got herself a toyboy. [TMZ]

– Ellie Goulding performs ‘Anything Could Happen’ on GMA. [Idolator]

– Justin Bieber now has the most followers on Twitter, he’s beating Lady Gaga. Is this important? Should I give a shit about this? [GossipCop]

– The PS4 is on its way. [ONTD!]

– Kim Kardashian on one of those shows she’s on: ‘I would die if I had kids’. Ugh, if only. I’M KIDDING DON’T SEND ME HATE MAIL. [GossipCop]

– 28 people more awkward than you. [BuzzFeed]

– See the cast of 7th Heaven then and now. [TooFab]

– Bangladesh talks about how ‘certain African American artists’ (Read: Beyonce) like to steal writing credits from songwriters, while ‘Britney don’t ask for shit.’ That’s my girl. [ONTD!]

– The most reasonable way to respond to a reporter tweeting at you during a school shooting. [BuzzFeed]

– Brandi Glanville calls LeAnn Rimes insane. This feud is actually ridiculous at this point. [GossipCop]


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– Watch Thomas Gibson get wrestled to the ground by 5 cops and then be like ‘I’m not resisting!’ [TMZ]

– Here’s a sneak peek at Nightline’s ‘Django Unchained’ interview with Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx and my boy Leo. [ONTD!]

– HAYLOR are DONE. #NeverForget [GossipCop, ONTD!]

– Miley Cyrus says that #CutForBieber isn’t funny, nor is it something to joke about. I like her more and more. [TMZ]

– Mariah Carey on Nicki Minaj: ‘I didn’t know she sang, I thought she rapped, or whatever.’ [ONTD!]

– 36 of Jensen Ackles’ sexiest photos. Emily, this is for you. [SocialiteLife]

– Mary-Kate and Oliver Sarkozy have their strangest PDA yet. I’m not kidding, he’s pushing her head into his crotch and it’s ridiculous. I kind of like them as a couple because I find them interesting though? Is that weird? [ONTD!]

– Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hold hands and stroll around NYC. [PopSugar]

– Kat Dennings and Nikki Reed at the filming of HANSON’s new video. [ONTD!]

– Tommy Chong says that the Biebs is talented because he smokes weed. Every time I see Tommy Chong I remember when he was in That 70’s Show and he was in love with Kitty and wrote her a love letter that said ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, milk, eggs, bread.’ I’m not exaggerating. Every single time. [TMZ]

– Listen to Willow Smith’s somber track ‘Sugar and Spice’. [Idolator]

– Courtney Stodden wearing the stripper-iest (not a word, go with it) heels you will see all day. [ONTD!]

– Are Britney and Jason on the rocks? I hope not. [Celebitchy]

– Snooki already wants another baby. [ONTD!]

– JWoww masturbates to The Dark Knight Rises, or at least, that’s what she told Jay Leno. [GossipCop]

– Disney/Pixar release a clip from their new short film ‘Blue Umbrella’. [PITNB]

– I didn’t think Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christiansen were still on, but hey, here they are getting lunch. [ONTD!]

– Everything you need to know about Faye Resnick. Plus, you get to relive Camille’s best moment, the ‘Oh! I know where I know you from. Playboy. I saw you in Playboy’ and the amazing ‘the morally corrupt Faye Resnick’ line. God, I love Camille. [BuzzFeed]

– How is it that I didn’t even know The Real Housewives of Vancouver was a thing? [ONTD!]

– Kate Middleton tuns 31, here are some cute photos of her and Wills. [PopSugar]

– Demi Lovato’s new single is probably called ‘Pieces of a Heart’. [Idolator]

– Rupert Everett says he got mad at the Catholic church so he slutted it up and slept with Ian McKellen. That’ll teach ’em. [ONTD!]

– Prince Harry pens a birthday letter to a fellow soldier’s young daughter. [PITNB]

– Beyonce covers GQ’s 100 sexiest women of the 21st century issue. [ONTD!]

– 11 of the nicest celebrities ever. [BuzzFeed]

– Petra Ecclestone has remodeled her home/Candy and Aaron Spelling’s old mansion. It looks how you’d expect it to, basically. [TMZ]

– Jessie J underestimated the power of the #RihannaNavy, dissed RiRi and then had to take it back. [ONTD!]

– Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling promoting New Girl/The Mindy Project. [JustJaredJr]

– Oxygen has a show called ‘Fat Girl Revenge,’ which is not ‘Revenge’ with a fat girl playing Emily/Amanda, but rather, a reality show where formerly fat girls get revenge on people who wronged them when they were fat. Either way I’d watch it though? [ONTD!]

– Maude Apatow impersonates the Kardashians in a deleted ‘This is 40’ scene. [GossipCop]

– Charlie Sheen has hooked up with another porn star/goddess. Her name is Georgia Jones. [TMZ]

– Check out all these short dudes in Hollywood. [BuzzFeed]

– Bond’s been like everywhere except Australia. [ONTD!]

– Miranda Lambert still hates Chris Brown. You and me both, gurl! [GossipCop]

– ’80’s supermodels then and now. [TheChive]

– Ryan Gosling’s mother wore Eva Mendes’ clothes to the ‘Gangster Squad’ premiere. Creepy or cute? I can’t decide. Also here are a bunch of interviews from the premiere. [GossipCop, ONTD!]

– The guy who directed ‘Snakes on a Plane’ died, TMZ says he was ‘sssssssssixty’ which seems inappropriate but at the same time, I kinda like it. [TMZ]

– Fred Armisen, Elisabeth Moss’ ex, or as I know him ‘the “mi scusi” guy from “Eurotrip”,’ says he was a ‘terrible husband’ to Elisabeth. [GossipCop]

– Some girl ‘catfished’ her friend, he didn’t think it was heaps funny. [ONTD!]

– It’s official, Amy Winehouse died from accidental alcohol poisoning. I feel like the second coroner was unnecessary, hey. [HuffingtonPost]

– Melbourne police chase a kangaroo through a car park. [BuzzFeed]

– Karrueche Tran says that she ‘won’t be consumed in [the] negativity’ that is Breezy and RiRi. [GossipCop]

– Kimye bought an $11 million mansion in Bel Air, Kanye wants Kim to record a track with him while she’s pregnant. Blergh. Let’s put that in the ‘ideas that suck’ pile, yeah? [TMZ, ONTD!]

– David Bowie announced first album in 10 years, releases a song called ‘Where Are We Now’? [GossipCop]


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– Check out the cast of Modern Family dressed up as Gilligan’s Island, The Honeymooners, Bewitched and I Love Lucy. [JustJaredJr]

Justin Bieber visited a 7 year old girl suffering from Leukemia before his concert. He also got another new tattoo, and is Lil Twist a bad influence on the Biebs? [GossipCop, ONTD!, TMZ]

– Watch the trailer for the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood‘, the ‘fakest reality show ever’. Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm is in it. [PITNB]

– 90’s stars invade Twitter. [SocialiteLife]

Demi Lovato‘s taking a ‘breather’ from Twitter. [Idolator]

– Well, thank God for that! [BuzzFeed]

Claire Danes covers Elle. [ONTD!]

– 10 highbrow horror films you should see instead of ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D‘. [Flavorwire]

Vanessa Marano talks about ‘Switched at Birth‘ season 2. [JustJaredJr]

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers went and got new tattoos. I feel like I write that every week. [ONTD!]

Octomom‘s back on welfare. [TMZ]

Brandi Glanville donated her wedding dress to an army wife-to-be. [GossipCop]

M.I.A‘s new album is being delayed by her label because it’s ‘too positive’. [Idolator]

– NBC talked Donald Trump out of running for President. [GossipCop]

– A ‘Smash’ season 2 megapost. [ONTD!]

– Watch the trailer for Elle Fanning‘s ‘Ginger and Rosa‘, with Christina Hendricks, also. Looks great, I’ll definitely be seeing it. [PITNB]

– Listen to ‘Pop Bottles’, the solo single from LMFAO‘s Sky Blu. [Idolator]

GLAAD criticises Azealia Banks for calling Perez Hilton a ‘messy f—-t.’ [ONTD!]

– Check out the pics from the Palm Springs Film Festival red carpet. [GossipCop]

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